Let Them Go Barefoot and 6 Other “Rules” for Play

Let them go barefoot and 6 more 'rules' for play. Why free play is so important for children and the 7 rules parents need to let them have more of it

This post is sponsored by Omo. Climb a tree. Make mud pies. Build a fort. Invent a game that lasts for days. Play in the rain. Camp out on the trampoline. How many of these do you remember doing as a child? Now look at the list again any tell me, when was the last time your children had a … [Read more...]

Outdoor Activities: 20 Ways to Play with Sticks

20 Fun Ways to Play With Sticks

Today Debi of Go Explore Nature shares 20 super simple ways to play, create and explore with one of the oldest toys in the world - the humble stick! When it comes to childhood toys, more often than not, simple is best. Take the humble stick, for example. It’s free, can be found just about anywhere, … [Read more...]

Best of 2013: Outdoor Play Ideas

outdoor play ideas for kids

There's a little something for everyone in today's Best Of list - active kids, constructive kids, creative kids and pint-sized explorers...and their parents! - which is not surprising as I am a long time advocate for turning off the TV and taking play outdoors. If you are looking for inspiration and … [Read more...]

Creating an Undercover, Outdoor Space for Winter (or Summer) Play

Childhood 101 | Storage in our Undercover, Outdoor Play Space

Now that AJ is on the move it is more important than ever that she has time to potter outdoor each day. Unfortunately, the weather is cooling rapidly and I am not much of a Winter person, in fact I seem to be lacking in some essential gene that finds the cold and rain enticing. While our backyard is … [Read more...]

Making Space for Outdoor Play When Space is Tight

Mud play space - outdoor play in small spaces

Christie recently shared some great ideas for creating an outdoor play space kids will adore and I thought it might be fun to follow up with some of the ways we make space for outdoor play in our rather urban, not-so-natural-feeling, smallish backyard. First, let me set your mind at ease: Don’t … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Creating an Outdoor Play Space Kids Will Adore

Outdoor Play - simple to make backyard balance beam

Whether it be at home or in an early education setting, providing thought, space and resources to each of the 7 areas below will place you well on the path to creating an exceptional play space for young children to enjoy. 1. Active play Space to move and simple toys and resources that … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Making Outdoor Time a Habit

making outdoor time a habit

This post is by regular contributor Debi Huang of Go Explore Nature. Let’s face it: It’s not always easy finding time to get outside with your little ones. That goal becomes especially challenging when kids or parents are sick, the weather isn’t cooperating or other life demands get in the … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: A Tour of Immy’s Cubby House

Cubby house

This post was first published in April, 2011. As Immy's birthday is so near Christmas, my extended family decided to put our funds together to buy her one big present instead of giving many small gifts. And you can't get much bigger than a wooden cubby house!  Inspired by The Grugly House over on … [Read more...]