Creating an Undercover, Outdoor Space for Winter (or Summer) Play


Now that AJ is on the move it is more important than ever that she has time to potter outdoor each day. Unfortunately, the weather is cooling rapidly and I am not much of a Winter person, in fact I seem to be lacking in some essential gene that finds the cold and rain enticing. While our backyard is great for play on dry days I have been contemplating creating an outdoor play space that is undercover so that we can still get out for some fresh air on rainy days. Of course it is not just the cold that can take the shine off outdoor play (at least for parents!), a shaded, undercover play space is also a great idea for the very hot days of Summer.

Childhood 101 | Creating an Undercover, Outdoor Play Space for every season

I created this undercover play space under the patio that runs along part of one side of our house (just outside the playroom). Previously, the area has been completely under utilised because Dad 101 and I find it so uninspiring. We have big plans for a makeover of the space to create a lovely outdoor living space but as our vision includes changes from top to bottom current budgetary constraints mean that it is probably not going to happen any time soon! Fortunately cheering it up and making it more purposeful in the meantime required less than an hour, and as I re-purposed bits and pieces from our other (indoor and outdoor) play spaces, it didn’t cost me a cent.

Childhood 101 | Undercover Outdoor Play Space

The first thing I did was move the water table that we bought AJ for her first birthday into the space, adding a little sand, a collection of shells and some smooth river stones (choosing shells and stones that are large enough that they do not constitute a choking hazard to a one year old).

Childhood 101 | Storage in our Undercover, Outdoor Play SpaceI tucked a storage tub for the sand toys and a dustpan and brush under the table as I am under no illusions that the sand will stay in the table!

Childhood 101 | Our Undercover, Outdoor Play Space

Our art easel is always on the move! This time it relocated from one end of my kitchen (think witching hour distraction while mama is prepping dinner) into our new outdoor space. I added a bucket of fresh chalk and wipe down cloth. Next to the easel I placed a small plastic table (borrowed from the cubby house) and two stools. Immy is a proficient creator of artwork at the moment and I wanted to give her a place to sit to draw or paint with watercolours.

Speaking of artworks, I wanted to add some additional visual interest to the space and after considering various commercial posters and pictures instead decided to hang some of Immy’s many recent drawings and paintings on the large glass door. That way she may be inspired to add new masterpieces to the display as they are created.

Childhood 101 | Outdoor Play Space Ideas

I also added our basket of mini beanbags to the space as they are great for physical movement activities in limited spaces (for those interested in making their own, here’s the link to my beanbag making tutorial).

Childhood 101 | Playing in our Undercover, Outdoor Play Space

Finally I added this small carpet mat that was given to us when we purchased new carpet for the girl’s bedrooms about eighteen months ago. It’s big enough for the two girls to sit and play on but small enough to make it easy to roll up and store in the playroom.

Childhood 101 | Ideas for Outdoor Play Spaces

As soon as she was up from her nap, AJ was keen to explore…

Childhood 101 | Undercover, Outdoor Play Space for every season

…and make her mark!

Childhood 101 | Creating in our Undercover, Outdoor Play Space

Do you have a patio, verandah or balcony that could benefit from an all-weather makeover?

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  1. Where is that water table from! I love it! Love the space you’ve created too! That warm sun looks inviting! It’s getting cold here too and I struggle to find places outside for our girls to play undercover so it’s usually quick trips in and out!
    I did read an article the other day though about children in Norway (or somewhere similar and very cold) where they babies/toddlers at homes and preschools are put outside to nap (rather than inside) even up to -15’C!! Yikes! Super rugged up and the lady interviewed said ‘if it gets under -10C we place a blanket over the buggy!’ haha!

    1. I bought the water table in a big sale on late last year, Rebekah. My girls will happily play outside in the cold and rain, it’s me who doesn’t enjoy it at all 😉

  2. bubble936 says:

    Loved reading this. My son is 10 months old and has started crawling these days….

    1. How exciting! Doesn’t it all change so much once they are on the move? 🙂

  3. A lovely space. Now if you can just find a big AJ sized pot and fill it with some kid friendly plants it will be a great little playscape for fairies or dinosaurs or farm animals as well as providing some nature/gardening experiences for the girls.

    1. Great idea, Nell. I did actually contemplate dragging over some pots from the fairy garden!

  4. You’ve done such a great job and what a creative use of your patio. I love that water table! Not sure if its something I can get in Singapore though. I don’t have a patio but I’ve got a balcony and I’m quite inspired by you now!

  5. This looks like a fantastic space. We don’t, unforunately, have any completely covered outdoor space, but we have an easel outside anyway, and a lot of stones and shells and whatnot. Nothing as pretty looking as this though. I want to refurbish our in-the-ground sandpit before Spring, and create some nicer spaces for my three year old, especially, to play in.

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