Insect Small World: A Preschool Invitation to Play

Insect Small World: A Preschool Invitation to Play

When a collection of carefully chosen loose parts, toys and materials is presented in an inviting way, a young child’s interest will instantly be sparked! This is what we call an invitation to play. My preschooler will often ask me, “Mum what did you put out for me today?” and a play dough based … [Read more...]

6 Bathtime Play Ideas

6 Bathtime Play Ideas for Kids Who Don't Love Bathtime

This post is sponsored by Dettol. Cleaning the bathroom when you have kids can most certainly make everyday feel like Groundhog Day. No sooner is the ring around the tub erased then it is back again the next evening! And let’s not even talk about the toothpaste blobs all over the sink or the state … [Read more...]

4 Fun Ways To Encourage Independent Play

4 ways to encourage children to play independently

This post is sponsored by LEGO DUPLO. “MUM! Will you play with me?” is an all too familiar question in our house. Especially when Immy is at school and it is just AJ and I home alone. I love being with my children as they play - watching, encouraging and joining in, but I do admit to getting more … [Read more...]

7 Busy Bag Ideas for Busy Preschoolers

Busy Bag Ideas for Preschoolers

Looking for ideas for entertaining your preschooler when you're out and about? Check out these 7 great suggestions from regular contributor, Lauren of Teacher Types. “Are we there yet?” “Can we go now?” “How much longer?” “I’m bored!” Sound familiar? Last month I shared ‘7 Busy Bag Ideas … [Read more...]

Loving …

tree block construction play

I fell in love with these wooden pieces for making letters after seeing them on The Write Start. They can be purchased at Handwriting Without Tears, where they are described as follows; The Wood Pieces Set and activities help children develop fine motor, social, vocabulary and letter formation … [Read more...]