2015 Blank Calendar Printable

In 2014 I have felt like a bit like a duck – my top half appears to be gliding across the water while my legs do a mad dash at 100 miles an hour underwater to get where I want to go. It’s been more than a little exhausting and in 2015 I really want to focus on getting more organisational systems in place for home and work that I am hoping will help to take some of the pressure off. One thing that I find really handy for both work and family life purposes is a simple blank calendar.
2015 free printable calendar

I have used one to plan blog posts and work commitments for quite a number of years now as I like the comfort of a pen and paper planner but really just prefer simple and uncomplicated, without too many bells and whistles, which I find some of the commercial calendars and planners feature.

This year I thought you might find a simple calendar handy too so I am sharing the blank calendar as a printable PDF file for those who would like to download and print a copy. You could use it as a work or family calendar, or even print it two-to-a-page and use it as a little birthday reminder organiser.

2015 printable calendar

Each of the 12 pages simply features one month of 2015 with weeks running Monday through Sunday, plus one of my favourite play or family quotes.

I hope you find it handy! Download and print your 2015 calendar now.

What do you hope to organise better in 2015?


  1. awesome…thanks for sharing every little bit helps going into a new year.

    Happy new year to you and your clan. Xxxx

  2. Thank~Q for the calendar.
    Thank~Q for your inspiration.
    I wish you a really swell 2015.
    Mickey and Eli
    Vancouver Island

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