25 Ways to Have Fun as a Family

25 ideas for family activities

1. Hide
Play hide and seek. Or sardines.
Make cubby houses, inside or out.
Build a tent.

2. Draw
Together as a family.
With crayons, pencils, charcoal, felt tips.

3. Laugh
Tell silly jokes.
Tickle each other.
Make funny faces.

4. Watch
Watch family movies on video.
Watch a classic movie on DVD.
Don’t forget the popcorn.

5. Bake
Cupcakes. Biscuits. Bread.

6. Act
Perform a play.
Play with puppets.
Try charades.

7. Find
On a treasure hunt.
In your home. In your garden.
Around your neighborhood.

8. Glue
Create a collage on paper, a box, a canvas, a piece of … anything

9. Run
Run a race.
Try a wheelbarrow race.
Or an egg and spoon race.

10. Clean
Vacuum the floor. Dust the shelves. Wash the car.
Together – it’s more fun.

11. Swim
In the sea. In a pool. In the bath.

family activities

12. Dance
To your favourite tunes.
Fairy wings optional.

13. Listen
To an audio story.
Play I Spy.
Play Simon Says.

14. Photograph
Hand over the camera to your child.
Make a collage or album of their images.

15. Picnic
Use paper plates and fingers. Take a night off from washing up.

25 ways to have family fun

16. Jump
On a trampoline.
In a sack race.

17. Paint
With feathers. With sticks. With brushes. With your fingers.

18. Build
A castle.
A tree house.
A rocket ship.

19. Read
A magazine. Or a comic book. Or a picture book. Or a novel.
Out loud to the people you care about.

25 ideas for family fun

20. Dig
For hidden treasure.
In sand or in soil.

21. Sing
Nursery rhymes.
Play along with a homemade instrument.
Record it for prosperity.

22. Ride
A seesaw. A trike. A bike. A horse. A camel. An elephant.

23. Write
An email. A letter. A story.
With your children.

24. Throw
A ball. A water balloon. An egg.
Just make sure you catch!

25. Make
Whatever your child’s heart desires. Just be creative. Together.

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  1. Deborah (Teach Preschool) says:

    Who would have thought that one could have so much fun without having to spend tons of money. Preschoolers just want time with their family and then it is all fun:)

  2. yes yes, so much to do – so much fun

  3. Great list! Inspiring.

  4. Love this post, Christie x

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you. This is a great list, full of remiders to have fun together!
    M (Perth WA)

  6. I just happened upon your blog. What a wonderful list of ideas. There really are so many ways to have fun!

  7. Christie - Childhood 101 says:

    Thank you all for your comments, hoping you are inspired to have fun as a family today.

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