A Simple Fabric Paint Activity

I found this lovely little lined basket at the op shop recently and I have big plans for it. However, it was lined with a very dull, white lining which I wanted to brighten up. Thankfully I remembered this recent Filth Wizardry post about beautiful handpainted skirts, simply painted with regular acrylic paint, perfect for my little project.
I channeled my inner Ken Done and got busy. The process was truly quick and easy and I am happy with the result. It would be such a simple (and cost effective) way to introduce fabric painting with children.
Let’s play a game, can you guess what this basket is destined for? You will have to pop back on Wednesday to see!!!

P.S. But don’t forget to come back tomorrow as well for this week’s We Play. Have you checked out the fantastic play ideas from last week yet?


  1. I laughed when I read you were chanelling your inner Ken Done. I still remeber my Ken Done scarf that I just had to have and wore all the time.

    I am guessing that this is will become your Spring basket – perfect for collecting flowers.

    I like how your artwork turned out.

  2. Bending Birches says:

    so beautiful!

  3. Hear Mum Roar says:

    That's lovely! Are you getting chooks? Egg basket?

  4. oo very cute!!! Love the way this turned out!

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