An A to Z Treasure Hunt

I love receiving parcels in the mail and I was particularly excited about the contents of a parcel which arrived yesterday. It was the book ‘An A to Z Treasure Hunt‘ by illustrator and designer, Alice Melvin which I ordered online recently.

Immy has recently showed some interest in the letters of the alphabet when we have been reading one of her current favourite books, ‘Now I Eat My ABC’s.’ I thought Alice’s book would be a lovely way to gently encourage this interest as it contains beautiful illustrations on it’s thick, luscious pages.
I also love that this book will grow with us for some time to come. For now, we will just read the main text, ‘O is for orange,’ and share in the delightful illustrations. The novelty of this book is that when Immy is a bit older she can complete the treasure hunt! You see, Alice has added a little challenge for readers, to hunt around for bits and pieces to add to the pages of the book. For example, ‘Can you find some stickers from oranges to add to the fruit in this bowl?’ or ‘Can you find a postage stamp to add to the label?’

What a wonderful way to engage children with the world of books!


  1. Hearth-mother says:

    What a lovely idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Infant Bibliophile says:

    This book sounds really neat. I think my son would enjoy it. Thank you for the suggestion! Just recently discovered your blog and love it.

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