12 Super Cool Coding Toys for Kids

Inside: 12 of the best coding toys for kids – great for kids who love to code!

One of our 11 year old’s favourite subjects at school is Information & Computer Technology, and she especially loves it when they are learning about coding and trying out different coding toys. She’ll spend ages excitedly explaining the latest toy or game – what it can do and how it works, and I love hearing the passion in her voice as she talks about it.

In order to continue to nurture her interest, I’ve been looking into coding toys and coding kits as ideas for her Christmas gift this year, and to be honest there are so many awesome resources available that it’s kind of hard to narrow it down to just one!

So, if you also have a primary/elementary aged child who also loves learning about coding, be sure to check out this fun collection of coding toys for kids. It even includes suggestions for non-screen based coding games, and ideas kids at a preschool or kindergarten age level.

Not sure how to get your child interested in coding? Check out this collection of 12 free websites offering coding for kids projects or our review of 15 coding apps for kids.

Cool coding toys & games for kids

12 Super Cool Coding Games & Toys for Kids

Each of the coding games below is linked to an Amazon product link (affiliate links). These are suggestions only, to provide you with more information and reviews of each product, obviously you are free to shop for these games wherever you prefer to shop.

Coding Toys for 5+ Years

Cool coding games for kidsBotley the Coding Robot
Introduce coding concepts screen free with the award winning Botley robot! This 77-piece activity set comes with a remote programmer, detachable robot arms, 40 coding cards, 6 double-sided tiles, 27 obstacle building pieces and a starter guide of coding challenges. Age 5+ years.
Available: Amazon
Coding game ideas for kidsBitsbox Coding Subscription Box
A super cool, sequential monthly subscription box that teaches kids all about coding. The gift that keeps on giving! Note: children need access to a computer to complete the coding activities. Age 6+ years.
Available: Amazon
Awesome coding game kids for kidsLego Boost Creative Toolbox Fun Robot
The popular robotics toys for kids who love to tinker and learn through science. Build your chosen robot and then bring it to life by coding behaviours on a tablet (not included). Age 7+ years.
Available: Amazon
Harry Potter Wand fun coding game for kidsKano Harry Potter Coding Kit – Build a Wand
This has to be the coolest coding toy ever! Construct your wand and magically make feathers fly, goblets multiply, fire flow, pumpkins grow, and more! Age 7+ years.
Available: Amazon
Coding toys and games for kidsMarvel Avengers Hero Inventor Kit
How exciting to build, customise and wear their interactive electronic Superhero gauntlet…and then code your own super powers – wow! Age 8+ years.
Available: Amazon
Bloxels Coding Game for kidsBloxels Build Your Own Video Game
Bloxels teaches kids to build video games using a mix of physical and digital tools. They can physically create their game with the Bloxels blocks and then digitize it to play! Age 8+ years.
Available: Amazon
Cool coding games for kidsBoolean Box Build Your Own Computer Kit
With Boolean Box your kid will build her own electronics, discover how to program a computer, and have fun getting creative! Learn about building electronic gadgets and circuits and coding with Scratch, Python and Java. Age 8+ years.
Available: Amazon
Ultimate coding kit for kidsUltimate Coding Kit
Kids aged 10-15 can will get busy with 60+ projects using no-hassle electronic components that are simple to connect and allow your kids to create dozens of real-world games, gadgets, and displays. Age 10+ years.
Available: Amazon

Offline Coding Toys

Robot Mouse Code and GoLearning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set
A fun, hands-on way to introduce critical thinking, problem solving and sequencing skills alongside coding fundamentals. Age 4+ years.
Available: Amazon
Great coding games for kidsRobot Turtles Coding Game
Teach coding principles to preschoolers without screens with the award winning Robot Turtles board game. Age 4 + years.
Available: Amazon
Code Master coding gameThinkFun Code Master Programming Logic Game
A fun board game created to teach the principles behind programming. Develops planning, sequential reasoning and problem-solving skills. Age 8+ years.
Available: Amazon

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  1. Interesting examples. I was thinking about buying LEGO BOOST but eventually I decided with my daughter (7 years old) on Lego WeDo 2.0. BOOST has more “decorative” elements while WE DO more structural elements. And on the internet, you can find more instructions.

    Thanks to your article, we decided to buy Robot Turtles Coding Game. Board game + programming. COOL!

    Greetings from Poland 🙂

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