Creating Memories: Family Holidays

creating memories_family holidays
Think back to when you were a child. Now think of the word “holidays.” What immediately springs to mind?

For me, it was…

Beach – Water – Grandparents – Cousins – Eating freshly caught crabs – Freedom

making memories_family holidays

When I asked Dad 101, his responses were;

Fishing – Camping – Beach – 4 Wheel Driving

making memories_family holidays

It is now summer in Australia and many families are enjoying school holiday time together. I do however wonder if the simple pleasures of holidays a generation ago; when holidays were about doing fun, hands on things together as extended family – fishing, beach combing, bushwalking, camping – and children had more freedom to roam and explore, playing outdoors; have been lost.

Have we traded the opportunity to create our own family fun for overseas flights, five star hotels and room service? Sure, we may visit a faraway, tropical oasis and swim but rarely do hotels provide space and resources for kids to truly be kids. Kids Clubs have replaced cubby building. The Nintendo DS and portable DVD player are poor substitutes for making campfires or baiting a hook.

I wonder if, in our own desire to escape the pressures of busy working lives, we adults choose family holidays that suit our own need for an easy, luxurious getaway?

Like everything in our lives these days, I believe it is all about balance. Yes, it is nice that more families today have the means and opportunity to consider a broader range of family holiday options. I just hope that sometimes we choose the simpler ones for the sake of our children.

What words spring to mind when you think of childhood holidays?
Can the same be said for the experiences of your own children?


  1. Yes, we intend on doing lots of trips 'down south' for family holidays but do have a trip around the world when they are older on the list.

    Words for me:

    Car travel
    Playing under the sprinkler
    Golden Bay

  2. My children are perhaps too young to get the concept of 'holiday'… but I agree with you – a good mix and balance is the key. Variety is the spice of life.

    My words:
    family and friends
    cricket & tennis on tele
    favourite foods

  3. Great holidays with my folks as a child, always at Mandurah House and same friends every year. Learned to swim there and sailed there too.
    In adult life Rottnest but later with grandchildren who enjoyed so much freedom without the restrictions we have to place on children today altho' we were always with them.

    Word War 2

    Christie those holidays were just so wonderful.

  4. As an aunty to little people, I try to get them outdoors running, playing with balls and bicycles. I have been brought up to be outdoors.

    My words:

  5. Beautiful post. I think you know what a lesson I've learned from these holidays with my family. xxx

  6. Christie - Childhood 101 says:

    It is so great to see that so many of our holiday words involve being outdoors and having fun as a family. I hope this transfers to our children's experiences as well.

  7. Great post… and something I have been thinking about this week, as I'm on holidays with my kids. This is the first year since moving interstate from family that we have not spent Summer on planes, living out of suitcases. We are just at home, and the kids and I are loving it.
    For me the words are…
    Golden Fleece roadhouse food (anyone remember those?)
    Counter meals
    Lemon squash
    Car travel

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