Disney Frozen Castle DIY

Like so many children around the world, my girls love everything FROZEN! I purchased a set of small Frozen character figurines a few months ago, and ever since they arrived Immy has asked if I can make her an icy Frozen castle just like Elsa’s!

It took a little bit of brainstorming and planning but I am excited to share our finished Frozen Castle and snowy small world play scene with you, though I must apologise – ice castles are not that easy to photograph!

Disney Frozen Castle DIY Ice Castle

So how did I do it? I created cylinders of different sizes from sealed laminating sheets to form the castle walls and features – in fact, when Immy saw some of the completed cylinders standing grouped together (I hadn’t told her that was what I was making at that stage, in case it didn’t work!), her comment was, “It looks just like an ice castle!”

Below you’ll find the DIY ice castle tutorial for those who would like to have a go at making one of their own.

Disney Frozen Castle DIY

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You will need:


Disney Frozen Ice Castle Craft

1. To make the main chamber of the castle, I taped two landscape-orientated laminating sheets together. I used clear tape on both sides of the sheet, and did the same for all of the steps below.

2. I then cut a triangle topped door from the middle of one of these sheets with the utility knife (see image above).

Disney Frozen Ice Castle Craft

3. I taped each side of the door to the door frame to create a castle door that opens and shuts.

4. I then taped the two ends of this long doubled laminate sheet together to form a large, short cylinder as the main chamber of the castle.

Disney Frozen Ice Castle Craft

5. To make the castle balcony, I cut an opening in the centre, one centimetre from the top, of a portrait orientated laminate sheet. This will be the opening for the balcony.

From a separate sheet I cut a semi circle, the flat side of the semi circle is the same width as the opening for the balcony.

To make the balcony railing, I cut a rectangle from the same additional laminate sheet – the length of which is the same length as the curved side of the semi circle. I used the utility knife to cut inverted triangle spaces out of this rectangle.

Disney Frozen Ice Castle Craft

To assemble the balcony, I taped the flat side of the semi circle into place along the bottom of the balcony opening. I taped one side of the balcony railing rectangle into position on the castle wall and then taped the long side along the semi circle (this was the trickiest part of this whole project), finally securing the second side to the castle wall.

Disney Frozen Ice Castle Craft

6. I then cut away part of the sides of the laminate sheet containing the balcony to make it appear more pointed, just like Elsa’s castle (see above). I rounded the top point so the laminate was not sharp.

7. This portion of the castle wall was then taped to the main chamber of the castle, lining the balcony up with the castle door.

Disney Frozen Ice Castle Craft

8. I used beads of hot glue to attach the main chamber to the centre of the silver lined cake board (35cm).

Disney Frozen Ice Castle

9. I also taped together six laminate sheets into cylinders, three for each side of the main chamber.

Each of these cylinders was cut each to a different height with an angled top to give the castle a cold, jagged appearance. These were also hot glued into place.

Disney Frozen Ice Castle Craft

10. I hot glued silver fairy stones around the outside of the base of the castle and also glued clear acrylic snowflakes onto the outside walls of the castle – purely decorative so don’t worry if you don’t have fake snowflakes.

Disney Frozen Ice Castle Craft

That’s it, your castle is ready!

Frozen Castle Small World for Imaginary Play

To create the small world for play, I set the finished castle onto a short, heavy box on the table we were using. I wanted to give the castle some extra height, to represent it being up on a tall, snowy mountain, just like in the story.

Disney Frozen Ice Castle Craft

I then cut a piece of white quilt batting to represent the snow, shaping it around the castle and draping it over the box and down across the table.

Disney Frozen Ice Castle Craft

I secured the batting into place with a little hot glue along the edge of the castle cake board and used masking tape loops on the reverse side to secure it to the table top.

Disney Frozen Ice Castle Craft

I had previously spray painted a collection of pine cones silver to represent trees and I scattered some more of the acrylic snowflakes across the ‘snow.’

Disney Frozen Ice Castle Craft

We added the figurines and then our snowy, mountain scene and Elsa’s ice castle was ready for playing.

Disney Frozen Ice Castle Craft

And playing my girls have most certainly been doing! They both love the small world and I love how it encourages their language and storytelling skills, and creativity – as there are certainly many new stories featuring Elsa and Anna to be shared as well!

If you don’t have a set of Frozen character figurines, you could always make a set of peg dolls like those here at The Imagination Tree.

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  1. I love it! If only I knew some children who were obsessed with Frozen …. ha ha!

  2. How strange! We came up with exactly the same way of making an ice castle as each other. I used the same method as you (although mine isn’t as neat!) How funny when two people come up with the same thing on different continents!)

  3. What age would you say this is for?

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