DIY Heart String Art: Tween Craft Idea

Inside: This sweet heart string art project makes a great project for tweens and teens who love to craft.

Searching for a fun craft for tweens or teens? While string art definitely harks back to the 60s or early 70s with a kind of retro vibe, this DIY heart string art (try saying that three times fast!) is super cute, and sure to be hit with your crafty tween or teen.

String art tutorial: Make a String Art Heart

DIY Heart String Art

You will need:

  • Wooden board
  • Pencil
  • Small nails
  • Hammer
  • Yarn or string
  • Scissors


How to make Heart String Art:

1. Draw a heart pattern on the wooden board using the pencil. You can download a heart pattern from online and trace it onto the board if you prefer not to draw it freehand.

String art tutorial

2. Following the heart shape, start to hammer the nails into the wooden board.

Heart string art tutorial

Make sure to keep an even gap between the nails. I used a gap of approximately one centimetre.

DIY string art tutorial

Be sure to include a nail at the very bottom point of the heart. Continue until the entire heart shape is covered with nails.

DIY string art heart

3. Select a yarn, wool or string and tie a secure knot around one nail. I suggest starting with the nail at the very bottom of the heart.

How to make string art

After securing the yarn, take the yarn to the nail on the opposite, top side of the board and wrap it around the nail once. Make sure that the wrapping is nice and tight.

DIY string art tween craft

Continue to hold the yarn taut and then draw the yarn to the next nail along at the top of the heart shape and again wrap the yarn around the nail.

Then take the yarn down to the bottom of the heart and wrap it around the next nail along from the centre (where you started).

DIY heart string art tween craft

Continue to alternate between opposite nails using this same process.

String art tween craft tutorial

While wrapping the yarn you will notice the centre of the string art forming a spiral pattern. Push the spiral part slightly towards the downside as it starts to move upwards.

Continue to wrap the yarn until the entire heart pattern is filled.

String art heart tween craft tutorial

4. Once the string art is complete, tie a knot around the final nail and cut off excess yarn.

DIY string art tween craft tutorial

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