Kids Art: Collage All ASPARKLE!

Continuing our exploration of creating on reflective surfaces… a sparkly, glittery, reflective collage.

I taped alfoil to a piece of card to create our ‘canvas’ and slightly diluted a little child-friendly PVA glue. A simple collection of sequins of varying colours and sizes, some blue cellophane squares and feathers and we were set to create.

Finishing off with a good shake of glitter, of course! Notice how we create outdoors when we are using glitter 😉

What are your favourite materials to collage with?

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  1. Oh so gorgeous and so much fun! Have you ever tried painting on foil? Just ad a squirt of dish washing detergent to make it 'stick' to the foil better. Fluro paint looks awesome, as does adding some glitter to the paint!

  2. What a beautiful and bright collage. Looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Now thats a very 'bling bling' looking collage Christie 🙂 And you are a brave woman using glitter in your own home – even if it is outside!

  4. My three year old would love the foil. He takes delight in sneaking it out of our kitchen and taking it off the roll. I think being crafty with it would meet this thirst of his.

  5. Förskoleburken says:

    What a great idea!! Such beautiful and appealing background. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great idea, I've got just the piece of stiff cardboard backing that's been hanging around looking for a job. I imagine even the sound of the brush on the foil would be interesting too.

    Our favourite collage material? Patty pans, scraps of fabric, ribbon, yarn, felt, feathers.

  7. Jackie H. says:

    I love the bling! Our favorite collage material right now is contact paper and scraps of anything! My guys are still so little that we've just started glue. We'll have to try this out with the oldest one!

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