Kids Art: The Bigger, the Better

If you take one big, blank canvas and…
…roll a little…

…brush a bit…

… get your hands dirty (and your feet too but Mummy needed her hands free and didn’t get any pictures)..
…you could just end up with a beautiful masterpiece for you wall.

Displayed with our Spring branch decorated with paper hearts for Christmas (which are rather hard to photograph). Inspired by this post at Little Eco Footprints.

If you haven’t yet, check out my creative play vlog from yesterday and be brave, get messy, have fun!

What have your kids been creating this week?


  1. How about on my wall?

  2. Beautiful. We did the same thing yesterday and Izzy ended up getting the feet in on the fun too! I wish I had of taken some pics too 🙂

  3. cute! must get keira to do one for me and try not to be too precious about what she wants to paint! great idea for grandma's christmas present!

  4. That is so beautiful….look foward to seeing it in situ.

  5. The Sunshine Crew says:

    How lovely. Looks like Immy loved doing this, too. So pretty and colorful.

  6. Great job Immy! It's beautiful. I love your spring branch with red hearts – so Christmassy!

  7. Country Fun says:

    Bigger is Better! It's so nice to be able to show our children we truly value their creativity and no better way than hanging an art piece.

  8. It's truly beautiful 🙂

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