21 Halloween Movies for Kids & Families

One of the best things about Halloween (besides the candy!) has to be the Halloween movies, right? If you’re looking for Halloween movies for kids, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got 21 movies that aren’t too scary for kids (some may even make them laugh!) from school age through to tweens and early teens.

Why not start a new tradition with the family in October, creating a Halloween movie watch list including everyone’s top picks! Snuggle down with some spooky snacks… or a candy bowl… and enjoy your custom made Halloween movie-thon!

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21 Best Halloween Movies for Kids

Halloween Movies for Kids & Families

While I’ve sorted each category below by recommended age order, I would suggest checking out the reviews on the Common Sense Media website for any titles that you are unfamiliar with. There you’ll find more information about each movie and how scary it is, alongside their age recommendations from parents and children too. Each movie listed below is linked to an Amazon store page – these are affiliate links and I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

Disney Halloween Movies for Kids

Disney Halloween Movies for Kids

1. Toy Story of Terror! Follow the Toy Story gang on a new adventure that takes a rather spooky turn when Mr. Potato Head goes missing.

2. Mickey’s House of Villains Mickey and his friends are in for a Halloween battle when the Disney villains (including Ursula, Jafar and Cruella de Vil) set out to take over the House of Mouse.

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas When the Pumpkin King is bored with the same old Halloween he sets out to discover what is so amazing about Santa Claus and Christmas. But his adventure puts Santa in jeopardy, creating a nightmare for children everywhere! Featuring some nasty Halloween monsters, this one is best for kids ages 7 and up.

4. Coco Miguel just wants to be a musician, and through a trip to the Land of the Dead he discovers music plays a crucial role in his family history.

5. The Scream Team In this kooky Halloween offer from Disney, sibling pair, Ian and Claire, team up with some helpful ghosts to help their recently deceased grandfather’s soul cross over.

6. Twitches/Twitches Too Combo Twin witches who are separated at birth reunite when they turn 21, and discover they have magical powers that increase when they are together. Fun for young tweens.

7. Frankenweenie Victor unexpectedly loses his beloved pet and becomes determined to find a way to bring his dog back to life. Unfortunately his town isn’t so supportive of his new companion! This creepy Burton creation is great for tweens and up.

Animated Halloween Movies for Kids

Animated Halloween Movies for Kids

8. Hotel Transylvania Discover Hotel Transylvania where all the things that go bump in the night come to have fun vacationing with their families – no humans allowed. Until one day a solo backpacker discovers the castle and falls for Dracula’s daughter! This is a great first Halloween movie for kids 5 and up.

9. Scared Shrekless Shrek and the gang are tasked with spending the whole night sharing scary stories without being the first to chicken out! A freakish, Shrek take on familiar scary tales and movies.

10. The Addams Family A new animated take on the popular Addams Family. There are some fresh changes and new characters added to this version making it a fun watch, even for fans of the older Addams Family movies.

11. ParaNorman Norman deals with his ability to speak with the dead on a regular basis but when his uncle passes and tells him of an impending curse, Norman’s whole family must jump into action.

12. Monster House Three kids discover the meanest guy in town, Old Man Nebecracker, lives in a house that is actually a living, breathing, super creepy monster! Scary for little ones, stick with ages 10+.

13. Coraline Coraline discovers a new world with her “other parents” and thinks it’s a dream world until things take a scary turn. Super cool but quite creepy, we suggest this one for tweens and up.

14. The Corpse Bride This popular stop motion film is a ghoulish love story, as we follow Victor, a groom stolen away to the underworld to wed a corpse bride, while his real bride waits for him above. A spooktacular choice for 10+ years.

15. 9 A scientist entrust nine of his creations with the spark of life as the world comes to an end. The group of creations must work together to help change history. A scary fantasy world for older tweens and teens.

Family Halloween Movies

Family Halloween Movies

16. The Little Vampire A young boy befriends a boy vampire who has just one request, to help him find an amulet that will grant his family to be human once again.

17. Halloweentown When she turns 13, Marnie discovers she’s a witch, and that she must help her grandmother track down the evil source threatening to turn the world’s population into zombies!

18. Casper A psychologist and his daughter visit a house that’s haunted by three ghosts, tasked with removing them. One of the ghosts befriends the daughter and the two discover a resurrection machine that the house’s owner has wicked plans for, leading to a chase in and out of the spirit worlds, and a tough choice for Casper, the friendly ghost.

19. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone An orphan raised by dreadful relatives is whisked away to Hogwarts – a boarding school for young witches and wizards, where he learns important lessons about courage, loyalty, perseverance and teamwork.

20. Hocus Pocus A trio of three hundred year old witches are out to reclaim their youth but the ones who accidentally conjured them are determined to stop them. Great for tweens and teens.

21. Beetlejuice A fun, classic movie where one couple discovers they are dead, tasked with haunting their previous home and its new inhabitants. When the teenage daughter of the new residents summons Beetlejuice – the leading bioexorcist – to help scare away family, the trouble really begins! This Tim Burton tale is pretty creepy, best for teens and adults.

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