Toddler Activities: Simple Ladybird and Butterfly Project

Toddler activities: Ladybird and butterfly craft

These simple ladybirds and butterflies are easy enough for toddlers to make and are guaranteed to brighten your home this Spring!

Ladybirds & Butterflies Toddler Craft

You will need:

  • Clear self adhesive book covering
  • A permanent marker pen
  • Some coloured paper, cellophane, sequins – whatever you have in the cupboard, really!
  • Two googly eyes
  • Kids PVA glue
  • Scisssors

To make:

Toddler activities: Ladybird and butterfly craft
Step 1: Before removing the backing sheet of the sticky, self adhesive book covering, have your child draw their insect shape with permanent marker. Immy drew a large circle for the ladybird’s body (see image 1). Leave enough room for the bug’s head.

Step 2: Remove the book covering’s paper backing. Use a semi circle cut from dark paper or card and press onto the book covering to form the head. Stick small pieces of paper, cellophane and sequins all over the body by pressing them onto the sticky surgace. Don’t forget some dark spots for your ladybird (see image 2)

Step 3: Place a second piece of clear book covering over the bug’s body to firmly secure everything into place.

Step 4: Stick on some googly eyes using kid friendly PVA glue (see image 3). Trim around the bug shape and your ladybird is finished and ready to hang on the window.

We made the butterfly using exactly the same process, with Immy first drawing the body and round wings of the butterfly onto the book covering (see image 4 above) and using it’s sticky surface to stick down the coloured cellophane and large sequins.

A little Springtime hanging on our playroom window!

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  1. Julia Deering says:

    Hello there!
    Just found your blog; I love it – so inspiring. It's Autumn here in London, but your beautiful butterflies and ladybirds reminded me of sunnier times here in the UK. I wrote a lil blog about a workshop I led; a bugs-and-butterflies creative museum session for under 5s. It shows my daughter (then 3) modelling the stuff she made. Hope you don't mind me sharing it!

    Happy Spring!

    Julia D

  2. Very cute! We just did contact paper collages for the first time last week, and all three of my children LOVED it!

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