The washing sits unwashed (except for the load in the machine which I have now put on to wash three times – and still not hung up).

I can’t find a clean mug for my tea.

There is rice on the floor which really needs sweeping up (and it’s not from last night but the night before!)

There is an undistinguishable brown spill on the floor which has been there, umm… well, quite a while.

I think I managed to shower twice this week.

And I do remember brushing my teeth but maybe that was yesterday?

I think I slept for four or five hours last night.

I have no idea if we have food in the fridge for dinner tonight.

No, I am not on a personal hygiene and household domesticity strike.

Today I launched a new blog.

And now I need to go have a shower and a nap!

Please take a moment to visit, leave a comment of support and spread the word through Facebook or Twitter. Let’s show families who have experienced the loss of a baby that they are not alone in their grief. x


  1. •´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• says:

    I hope things get back to normal soon.
    It's a beautiful site Christie.
    I hope the dinner fairy brings you home dinner tonight (hugs)

  2. Aussie Mum says:

    That sounds like my life but unfortunatley I haven't done anything as productive as create a new blog! I just have three beautiful (but at times trying) little boys. Congratulations on the new blog – it is beautiful.

  3. Your new blog is such a beautiful and important thing – congratulations. In the years to come you'll forget the spilt rice and the dirty washing but you'll never forget the beautiful thing you did for lots and lots of women!

  4. Hear Mum Roar says:

    Well done on a lovely new blog:)

  5. Kristy Tillman says:

    I SOOO could've written that post myself!
    Beautiful new blog! :o)

  6. The Sunshine Crew says:

    Your new blog looks great. I also lost a baby at 20 weeks…awful experience that I do not talk about very often. I have signed on to follow your new blog, as maybe it will be good to see what others have to say that are part of this heartbreaking mom's club.
    I just feel blessed to have the two sons we have, but I do wonder what life would have been like if Baby 3 would have made it.
    Thanks for the work you did to make such a wonderful new blog, Christie.
    Hugs to you for having to have gone through something so painful, too. Know how hard it is…

  7. Memetales says:

    Wow, beautiful new site and such a greatly needed space. So glad you created it.
    Take care1

  8. The new site is wonderful! Thank you so much for creating a space for those who have experienced pregnancy loss, and thank you for including my story.

  9. This is such a beautiful site Christie, and such a valuable one as well.

  10. Something to Say says:

    A beautiful blog, much needed

    On a lighter note two day old rice is much easier to clean up off the floor than the night it was dropped there. Well that's my excuse anyway 🙂

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