Literacy Spot #47: Letters to Santa

One of the activities Immy has been excited about this year (for the first time) is writing a letter to Santa so when I heard that my friend Kate over at Picklebums was developing a free printable Christmas letter writing set it seemed like the perfect match 🙂

Immy has been talking about the gifts she would like to ask Santa for quite a bit lately!  When we sat down to ‘write’ her letter I suggested that she draw some pictures of the items for Santa so that he would know exactly what she meant, this is a useful strategy for pre-writers and helps to get around the, “But I can’t write,” response that you may encounter with little ones.

After drawing her pictures, Immy turned over her sheet and ‘wrote’ some further items on her list, verbally narrating as she went (and the pink, fluffy pen was all her doing!)

She then added her name and LOTS of kisses! And off she went for a walk to the post box to post her letter to Santa!

If you live in Australia, your child can receive a response to their letter from Santa via Australia Post. You will find full details here.

Children from around the world can also receive an email with a personalised video message from Santa (free of charge) via the Portable North Pole website.

Be sure to check out Kate’s Christmas Letter Writing Set. It includes three different note papers (both lined and unlined) and matching envelopes and is perfect for any type of Christmas letter writing. Why not add some to your child’s writing table and see what they come up with?

What is Childhood 101′s Literacy Spot? It is a weekly reminder of the importance of young children learning playfully as each week I share one idea for playing around with literacy, taken from my many years working as an early childhood teacher. Visit the previous Literacy Spot posts for more fun ideas for playing with literacy.


  1. I went over and had some fun with this too. My Immy decided to draw Santa a picture of himself too, she is still to work out that he really does bring presents.

  2. Oh I can see someone else likes the Tinkerbelle fairies too!

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