Fructose Free Chocolate Muesli Bars Recipe

A gluten free, nut free, egg free and fructose free chocolate muesli bars recipe that’s perfect as a lunch box treat.

Fructose free chocolate muesli bar recipe

Fructose Free Chocolate Muesli Bars Recipe

After I quit sugar, I set about also reducing sugar in my children’s diet. We started very slowly, which I think is the best approach. I was careful not to get the children off-side because I knew they could retaliate, making the process much more difficult! Slowly but surely I started to remove the high sugar, processed foods from our pantry. As I removed each food, one by one, I started to substitute them with better low- or sugar free options.

One important job was to find substitutes for the sugar filled snacks that were appearing in their lunch boxes. I soon realised that store bought muesli bars were not a healthy option. They probably should appear in the confectionery aisle because they are so high in sugar.

Today I would like to share a recipe that we bake often in our house. I make a tray of these and keep them in the fridge ready to pop in the kid’s lunch boxes. They are great because they will last a few weeks and the kids love them.   They’re inexpensive to make and much tastier than the muesli bars you might be used to eating.

These muesli bars are gluten, nut and egg free. You’ll find them crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. They’re also perfect for busy mums and dads to grab as a quick snack. Why not try having one of these instead of that biscuit you usually team with your coffee!

Yield: Makes 16 bars

Fructose Free Chocolate Muesli Bar Recipe

Fructose free chocolate muesli bar recipe

A gluten free, nut free, egg free and fructose free chocolate muesli bar recipe that's perfect as a lunch box treat.


  • 3/4 cup desiccated coconut
  • 1/2 cup sesame seeds
  • 3/4 sunflower kernels
  • 1/2 cup pepitas
  • 2 Tablespoons of white chia seeds
  • 2 teaspoons of vanilla essence
  • Good pinch of salt
  • 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon of Stevia, depending on how sweet you like it (I use Nirvana brand which I purchase at the health food shop)
  • 3 Tablespoons butter or use coconut oil if you prefer
  • 4 Tablespoons Rice Malt Syrup. Rice Malt Syrup is a fructose free sweetener. You can purchase this from Coles or from your health food store
  • 2 Tablespoons of cocoa powder or raw cacao powder


Here are three options for making the muesli bars;

1. If you have a Thermomix or a similar kitchen gadget, then place all of the ingredients in. Blitz it a little and heat the mixture up to 100ºC for 5 minutes or until the butter is melted. Mix well.


2. Lightly blitz the dry ingredients in a food processor. Transfer to a saucepan and heat on the stove top until the butter has melted. Mix well.


3. Take the less is more approach, and just heat all of the ingredients in a pot on the stove top until the butter has melted. Mix well.

- Press the mixture firmly into a brownie tin lined with baking paper.

- Pop in a preheated oven of 150ºC and cook until brown on top (about 10-15 minutes).

- Cool and cut into bars.

- Store in the fridge.

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  1. These sound like just what I was looking for….have been wanting to try stevia and coconut oil so this seems the perfect recipe…thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thank you so much for this receipe. I am fructose intolerant and find it difficult to find healthy snacks 🙂

  3. Edwina at My Mezzaluna says:

    Oh my word!!!! These look decadent. On my to do list for the weekend for sure!! My kids are going to love this. Thanks:)

  4. Thanks Taryn.

  5. Hi Taryn. We are on our 2nd batch of these. V popular with me and my 4yo. Have you shared with Sarah Wilson. I have tried about 6 of her recipes and only the cheesecake has worked out. These are outstanding and would be good to include in her next book. A recipe that works and is delicious and fructose free!

  6. Shontae Moran says:

    These where SO lucky to make it to the oven Taryn!!! My three little helpers had the ‘hover’s’ in a big way during construction & have promised them a choccie muesli bar treat for afternoon smoko. We used coconut oil & they’re delicious.
    Thanks so much for the recipe!

  7. Amanda Eastment says:

    Lovely to find something that is fructose free. I’m currently on the no/ low fodmaps diet so this is great.

  8. Made these today – love love love them! I agree with Colleen – Sarah Wilson needs this recipe – have also tried many of her recipes and yes only the cheesecake was a winner! Thank you Christie – having a slice with a cuppa right now x

  9. Thank you so much for sharing, my nan has just been diagnosed with being sensitive to fructose, lactose and gluten so yes I will be making and trying this out not only for her but for my 6 year old son who is also allergic to gluten and egg. Greatly appreciated.

  10. Just made a batch of these- so yummy! Thank you for sharing your recipe.
    I am wondering can these be frozen & taken out later for a quick lunch box snack?

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