Lunch Ideas: 3 Healthy, Simple Ideas for Busy Mums

Lunch ideas for busy parents

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Picture this…. The big girl is at school, the small girl goes down for a nap and I pop on the kettle and rush to the computer for my precious (if I am lucky) hour and a half of work time. I have every intention of quickly checking my email before making a cuppa and something to eat for lunch but I am greeted by a message that needs an urgent response, and then distracted by a work commitment that just has to be finished, oh and that blog post that needs proof reading and a bill to be paid…and before I know it I look up to see that it is almost time to get the small girl up and head out the door on the dreaded school run. What do I end up doing? Grabbing something easy like a handful of crackers or grapes before rushing out the door! Not exactly conducive to an energetic afternoon running around after two kids!

This has been an all too familiar scene at my house recently – I am not much of a sandwich eater and if there are no leftovers in the house I struggle with lunch choices. So when I was recently invited to celebrate 50 years of Ryvita in Australia by road testing their current range of crispbreads and sharing my favourite topping creations, I thought it would be a great opportunity to start taking care of me by making lunch more of a priority.

So here are three ways I have been enjoying Ryvita’s crispbreads topped to perfection!

Topping #1: Salsa Dancing (shown top)
The freshness of this light, salsa-like topping is sure to get your toes tapping, even when you’ve been up since 4am!

To make, finely chop one tomato and half a small red or yellow capsicum. Combine in a bowl with the juice of half a lime and a teaspoon of chopped flat leaf parsley. Top your favourite choice of Ryvita crispbread and enjoy as is or add a little of your favourite cheese and place under the grill for a moment to warm through – quesadilla style.

Healthy lunch ideas

Topping #2: Brunch is Served
Perfect for those days when the opportunity to eat breakfast disappeared in a blur of getting ready for school activity, place slices of boiled egg onto a bed of baby spinach and mashed avocado. Season to taste. Yum!

Lunch ideas with RyvitaTopping #3: Bananarama
My favourite topping I am literally running out the door as it is quick to make and provides the perfect afternoon energy boost, layer your crispy Ryvita with sliced or mashed banana and add a drizzle of honey. Just beware – you may just have to share this one with the kids!

Lunch ideas

Win with Ryvita

One Australian Childhood 101 reader will win a one year supply of Ryvita Crispbreads (26 packs) and a year’s subscription to Woman’s Day magazine.

To enter leave a comment on this post telling me the perfect topping for your crispy Ryvita lunch or snack.

The winner will be selected based on the originality of their answer. Entries close 6pm AEDST, Tuesday 25th February 2014.

P.S. Pop over to the Ryvita Australia Facebook page and share your Topped to Perfection suggestion for the opportunity to win $2000.

The fine print:
1. The competition begins at 6AM AEDST, 18th February 2014 and ends at 6PM AEDST, 25th February 2014.
2. The prize constitutes 26 packs of Ryvita Crispbread and a one year subscription to Woman’s Day magazine (total value $218.49).
3. Entry is limited to residents with an Australian delivery address.
4. Entry is limited to one comment per household/IP address. Please register a routinely checked email address in the email field of your entry.
5. The winners will be notified via email within 7 days of the competition closing. Should the winner fail to make contact via return email within 72 hours of notification a new winner may be selected.
6. The winner’s contact details will be passed onto Digital Parents Collective and the prize organised directly by them.



  1. melanie molnar says:

    My favorite topping is warm brie cheese with raspberries on top. If I am feeling nutty I add crushed almonds. Yum!

  2. “A layer of organisation, then one of patience, a sprinkle of love and a garnish of…”
    Meh, who am I kidding?! Slap on some vegemite, pick out the bits of My Little Pony and blow off the cobwebs.
    Good. To. Go.

  3. I love Ryvita – basil pesto/ spinach dip spread over, cherry or sliced tomatoes and topped with balsamic vinegar glaze/and a grind of black pepper.

  4. My favorite: Brie cheese with blueberries, strawberries, and smashed banana drizzled with honey. Mmm

  5. My daughter loves cucumber..peanut butter..and grated cheese and grated carrot with a tiny hint of mayo.

  6. Karen Shore says:

    Ahhh… Ryvita biscuits! What happy childhood memories are made of! My nanna used to eat these every day when we would go and visit her during school holidays. Her favourite from memory was tomato and cheese with a very good sprinkle of salt and even more pepper! Mine was Vegemite and cheese and tomato and cheese. A year of Ryvita= a year of Nanna memories!

  7. june cleaver says:

    My favourite toppings are either cream cheese,capers & smoked salmon or fresh basil & tomato with a little sprinkle of balsamic. I like the egg idea ,i will definitely try that:)

  8. Mary Preston says:

    Sardines & lettuce – it really is a matter of taste.

  9. I love baby spinach, fresh tomato with salt and pepper, basil leaves and torn chunks of mozarella!

  10. Thanks for the great tips! I never seem to have the time to make myself a yummy lunch! (Funny that I can make a great lunch for my daughter though!)
    My favourite topping would be: sliced turkey, cranberry sauce, red onion topped with a slice of camembert! I am salivating just thinking of it πŸ™‚

  11. Annette Higgins says:

    Love to get the biscuits – they sounds so yummy for my daughter. I’m a coeliac and only my husband and daughter can eat them.

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  13. A slice of smoked ham, a light spreading of gherkin spread, add a slice of your favourite cheese, topped with tomato and cracked pepper. A new spin on and old classic. Enjoy

  14. My favourite topping to my Original Rye Ryvita is Low Fat Spreadable Cream Cheese, Baby Spinach Leaves, Sliced Chicken and Sweet Chilli Sauce. It’s the perfect lunch…YUM!

  15. Can’t go wrong with smoked salmon, avocado and feta

  16. Alice Mitchell says:

    Nothing beats cream cheese and smoked salmon πŸ™‚

  17. Avocado and cheese with a sprinkle of sea salt always wins my heart.

  18. My all time favourite Ryvita topping is avocado followed by baby spinach leaves, tuna in springwater, cottage cheese and tomato slices with freshly cracked pepper. So good!

  19. Sarah Phillips says:

    I like keeping it simple and healthy,
    Just avocado and tuna for me.
    A light and delicious snack,
    To stop the weight from coming back!

  20. Spice makes it nice! I like lime pickle and barbecued chicken for an Indian style healthy treat!

  21. Low fat ricotta, a small tin of roasted salmon, chopped chives and fresh pepper make a tasty and nutritious Ryvita topping. The crispy Ryvita contrasts perfectly with the salmon and ricotta.


  23. My favourite Ryvita topping is chicken, avocado, pineapple, asparagus and topped with melted cheese.

  24. Erica Berkovich says:

    Basil pesto and light cottage cheese – dollop & swirl it together right on top of the Ryvita – pretty & tasty.

  25. Can’t go wrong with plain old butter and vegemite πŸ™‚

  26. Jennifer Robertson says:

    It doesn’t matter what you put onto your Ryvita, if you top it with another Ryvita (and make it into a sandwich) you will always have the perfect topping.

  27. My healthy and fulfilling toppings for Ryvita crispbread would be…
    1st layer – mashed avocado mixed with chopped tomatoes.
    2nd layer – 4 round slices of hard boiled eggs.
    3rd layer – kidney beans and olives.
    4th layer -some pesto sauce and chopped nuts on top.

    This is very healthy and fulfilling.

  28. l have gone ‘Ryvita crunching’ mad for the simply yet gourmet topping of coriander pesto,fried haloumi cheese and marinated artichokes with a garnish of roasted capsicums!! Very wholesome and delish!

  29. My Green Goddess Ryvitas – spread with gorgeous green mash of avocado, broad beans and peas. Top with fresh parsley, cracked pepper and parmesan shavings.

    My healthy treat Ryvitas – spread with mashed banana, follow with some ricotta, top with walnuts and blueberries.

  30. Mary Hardy says:

    Ham, cream cheese, tomato, lettuce and cracked pepper.

  31. Mary Hardy says:

    Smoked salmon, avocado, dash of lemon.

  32. Antonietta says:

    Sesame Ryvita’s (I love sesame!!) topped with thin slices of smoked salmon, tomatoes- seasoned and with basil! My mouth is watering already, so yum and so are many of the entries πŸ™‚

  33. Savoury – sweet chilli cheese, baby spinach, pickled onion & top with cracked pepper
    or gherkin works to – definitely a taste sensation
    Sweet – softened brie cheese, fresh strawberry & fresh strawberry puree – so very yum

  34. My favourite Ryvita topping is home made pesto with sorrel, horseradish, olive oil, fat hen and cashew nuts. All whizzed together then generously dolloped on top. Maybe with some avocado if I’m feeling daring! Finished with some ground sea-salt and freshly ground pepper. All piled on 2 crunchy multi-grain Ryvitas. Yum. I can taste that now.

  35. Becky Downey says:

    I like vegemite with babybels!

  36. I love to top mine with caramelised onion or fruit chutney, fetta and fresh basil from the garden… yum!

  37. Keeping it simple is the best for me:
    Cottage cheese, Tomato with some basil and a splash of balsamic, salt and pepper.

  38. I love Ryvita simply with cream cheese spread, ham, tomato and cheese melted on top!! Gotta love a classic!

  39. Now I’m hungry! I’d like to try avocado and egg or banana and peanut butter. The sesame rye flavour sounds yummo.

  40. I love smoked salmon, and sweet chili on Crunchy Sesame RYVITA Crispbread!

  41. Sarah Martin says:

    A new spin on an old classic; vegemite, butter an avocado. Soooo good.

  42. Nothing fancy for me, I don’t think anything compares to plain old smooth peanut butter πŸ™‚

  43. Sandra Plester says:

    My favourite is feta cheese, chicken and rocket.

  44. A perfect Ryvita lunch for me is smashed peas and mint with Persian fetta and a drizzle of pomegranate molasses, followed by a dessert of Ryvita with pear, blue cheese and honey caramelized walnuts – could almost call that lunch sophisticated!

  45. Margaret Portelli says:

    Four 100% natural multigrain Ryvitas topped with tomato paste, ham and cheese. Toast lightly under the grill…then Mmmmm. Way to indulge without creating bulge! :))))))

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