Organising Kids Spaces: Our Book Corner

Do you have a special space for books in your home? A special chair or a cosy corner? Somewhere comfortable to snuggle up and read together?

A place to revisit with favourite ‘friends’ and to celebrate new discoveries?  To share a giggle or a BIG adventure?

I have posted before about my passion for reading with young children (see a list of related posts below). We have children’s books all around our home – in the bedrooms, our living room, my study and in this special corner of Immy’s playroom. I rotate Immy’s books regularly and we are frequent library patrons as we love discovering new books.

And when we are not sitting here reading, you might just find us playing around with literacy in a different way, creating adventures of our own with puppets!

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  1. Love the book cover bunting. What a fabulous idea. Whole space looks great.

    1. Yes, love the bunting. Did you make it and if you did can you tell us how? Just beautiful!

  2. I have that bookshelf! I love it. I want to get one for each of the kids rooms to put there fave books in (we have too many books).

  3. That looks so inviting. I really love that. We have a few book spaces, but no where really “special”. I’d love to do something like this.

  4. Love the whole idea, especially the rug where did you get it

  5. I just love this space! The bunting is wonderful. So inviting – I just want to grab a book and start reading.

  6. The artwork on the wall looks fabulous!

  7. simply beautiful…

  8. SquiggleMum says:

    Love, love, love. I have *nearly* bought that bookcase SO many times! LOL

  9. This really inspires me to get something going for my son. I know he would love a cozy corner….wonderful!!!!

  10. Love the bookshelf too….will definately get one for my newly renovated playroom! Well my playroom that will be in a few months time……

  11. This is lovely! I need one of those bookshelves as well. It’s just not possible to expect them to put their books away when they have to squeeze them on a regular bookshelf.

    1. This style of shelf definitely makes independent packing away much easier but it does not hold as many books at all.

  12. what a really lovely reading space! i love seeing examples of great book/reading areas for kids. we also have a very dedicated book area in our play room although with so many books i havent worked out the best way to display them front on. i visit the op shop weekly and always manage to find a number of really great kids books at next to nothing prices, it’s almost an addiction of mine!

    1. We have so many books that I rotate them through the different rooms of our house and take some out of rotation for a while also.

  13. Christie that bunting is so cute, and it looks like we have lots of favourite books in common. Grandpa and Thomas by Pamela Allen is one we have recently discovered (and renewed!) at the library, although I change the words to “Pop and Griff” when I read it to my little guy. He does the ‘swish swash swoosh sings the sea’. Gorgeous stuff!

    I too love that bookshelf, and have ‘almost’ bought it online several times! I’ve been meaning to make a wall hanging from an old blanket with pockets for books – it might be a cheaper option. You’ve just inspired a weekend project (if I ever get these curtains made!). Have a great weekend – I heard it was 24 in Perth. What stunning weather!

    1. Grandpa and Thomas is a long time favourite of ours 🙂 There is another, Grandpa and Thomas and the Green Umbrella, too.

      Can’t wait to see your wall hanging, if you just happen to accidentally make two….LOL!

  14. This is gorgeous. I tried to set up a similar corner (we have a big chair, perfect for sharing) but my little guy prefers to carry his books all over the house. He’s not great at putting them away on our traditional shelves, but he sure can identify his favourites by their spines, even at not-quite-three.

    May I steal your bunting idea, though (I’m guessing you scanned onto fabric transfer paper)? I choose books based on their illustrations and this looks like a small-house-friendly way of displaying them!

  15. This reminds me of a child care centre I worked at while at uni. The most beautiful centre (it’s Como Child Care Centre – have you ever heard of it??). The owner worked really hard to create lovely spaces for the children and she was inspirational to work for!

    At home we currently have a little tent (also from Ikea) and lots of cushions as our reading corner but it has been like that for a long time now and I think we are ready for a change…I’ll look at implementing some of these gorgeous ideas.

    Gill xo

  16. Love the fabric hanging! I have a bathtub in my classroom and would love to do this fabric above it; with the books… did you go about making this????

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  18. Absolutely love the bunting and would love to make some to hang in the year 1 classroom I work in. I have some transfer copy paper but am unsure how to reverse the print in order to ensure it is the right way when I iron it on. Would be grateful for any help !!!!!
    Thank you

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