Our Play Space: Jude’s Special Room

A peek inside a reader’s play space…

We’ve placed the bed on the floor (thanks to reading a Montessori book), and its currently serving as a space to snuggle up to the big bear and read a book!   I hung twine using two hooks shaped like owls that are nestled in the branches of the tree mural and am planning to use the line to display his artwork as he grows older.

We’ve left the central floor space open and empty to allow for plenty of movement, and opted out of using a carpet since our dog tends to think its grass and dig it to shreds…

play space

Books are arranged by difficulty, the easiest are on the bottom shelf where the boy can easily take them off the shelf and “read” on his own in the big chair next to the shelf, the middle shelf has those that we read together with him, while the top has comics and stuff that he might read next time when he’s older (right now we have too many books at home and too little shelf space hence these books are stored here).  Most of the toys on top of the shelf are toys we picked up during our travels.  Two shelves are allocated for keeping his toys, and we practice toy rotation to keep everything under control, and to encourage the boy to keep everything back after playing with them.

play space

The dresser by the side of his bed holds a CD player as he loves to listen to music.  Most of the decorations are DIY (I’ve posted the tutorials/descriptions here), like the clouds, bird mobile and the tree mural.  Others are handmade gifts from friends (like the name banner and the “growing old” picture), so its really a room filled with love.  Right now I’m planning more changes, like clearing some books, adding space for creative materials etc, but currently this is still my favourite room in the house! 🙂

play space

Thank you Justina for sharing Jude’s gorgeous space.

Do you have a family or kids play space in your home that you love (indoors or outdoors)? Submit your play space here and you too could be featured on Childhood 101.


  1. Such sweet care in creating a special place for your child. A comfortable and preciously thought-out space.

  2. Love, love, love! I can’t wait to make some clouds, and am now determined to paint some murals too, thanks!

  3. beautiful and inspiring

  4. Love it, but overcome with guilt. My kids’ rooms look nothing like that. There are clothes and toys on the floor, books on the bed, kiddie make-up and lollies on Miss 8’s desk, and half-grown crystals on Mr 10’s. Am I a bad parent?

    1. You are there and you love your kids, that is the best type of parent in my eyes. Homes come in all shapes and sizes and it is nice to be inspired but don’t feel guilty. As mamas we are all doing the best we can, and our best is always enough.

    2. Hi Bronnie,
      These photos were taken when the boy was much younger and not so capable of making huge messes… plus it was at the beginning of the day when everything hadn’t been pulled off the shelves yet! So I agree with Christie, its not the mess its being there and loving them that counts… kids always make messes anyway! (You should see the boy’s room nowadays!)

  5. Mercedes Hayes says:

    I love the origami!

  6. This is lovely. A very dreamy and joyous atmosphere. Love the name banner. Love how you incorporate child artwork in the space and it is so cute to make a string across two trees with owls!

  7. Thanks Christie for featuring J’s room! 🙂 And thanks everyone for the lovely lovely comments… we had loads of fun doing up his room, but it took over 2 years for everything to come together…

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