Parenting is Just Plain Messy

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Family Life is Just Plain Messy!

I was unexpectedly admitted to hospital recently, requiring an ambulance ride, two operations in the space of three days and seven days away from our family.

And while being in the hospital was far from fun and games, there was one day between my two procedures when I finally felt well (after feeling unwell for longer than I cared to admit even to myself), when I was not in any pain, and I laid back in bed resting, watching most-definitely-not-kids’ shows on the TV, while other people prepared and bought me food and drinks. And I can’t deny that at one stage I sat there and thought that it was all just a little bit of heaven!

There is no denying that as much as we love and adore our kids, parenting is hard. Family life is messy and complicated and it calls us to commit 24×7 physically, emotionally and financially. There are days when you can feel it literally sucking the last ounce of energy from your body.

Parenting is a hot pot of people, personalities and pressure. There seldom seems to be a breather, a moment to be free from the monotony of the everyday routine whilst also having to deal with the unexpected at less than a moment’s notice, there is the sense of always being ‘on’ – even in the middle of the night, the lack of privacy and physical space, the constant juggle of family, work and societal expectations, the stuff that constantly surrounds us and the never-ending chores. Despite the love and cuddles and kisses, some days don’t feel like a whole lot of fun.

My recent ‘escape’ in hospital – well, it provided me with a tiny moment to be free of the responsibilities of family life. A moment to catch my breath. A moment where, for the first time in a long time, I could focus just on me.

Which, of course, got me thinking that it surely shouldn’t take a visit to the hospital to find respite from the pressure of family life. So, what is the answer? I am not sure that there actually is one – at least, one that will suit us all in the same way. But I am focusing on three things that I believe will help.

First up is a good dose of ‘good enough’ – accepting that my best today IS enough. I am cutting myself a break. There will be less guilt, less pressure and less worry about all of the things in my children’s futures that I ultimately cannot control. Our children really are more resilient and resourceful than we give them credit for.

Secondly, I am celebrating the small victories. Today I will pat myself of the back for surviving the day on just three hours sleep and folding the three loads of washing sitting on our living room couch (though they haven’t made it to the drawers or closets yet!) These small, seemingly insignificant responsibilities are the oil necessary to keep the cogs of family life turning and, as I see it, this makes them as important as the most important work.

The Everyday Parenting Badges We All Deserve - There is no denying that as much as we love and adore our kids, parenting is hard. Family life is messy and complicated and it calls us to commit 24x7 physically, emotionally and financially.

And finally, I am going to find regular time to restore and re-charge. Next time it’s not going to take a visit to the hospital for me to make it happen. It really is true that we, as parents, are better prepared to deal with the complexities of family life when we put ourselves and our needs on the to-do list, and take regular time to take care of ourselves.

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Because Family Life is Just Plain Messy!

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Because Family Life is Just Plain Messy!

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  1. Christie,
    I’m SO glad you’re out of the hospital and finding blessings and grace during such a hard time. Hugs and love!!

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