Playing All Around the World + A Fabulous Freebie

Join us for a #playfultour around the world, courtesy of Playful Learning.

Playful Learning World Tour 1

Immy, 5 1/2 years old

Where do you live? In Australia

What season is it there now? It’s Winter

What is your favourite way to play? I love to jump on the trampoline with my friends. And I love to play with my real fairies and animals and making things.

Playful Learning World Tour

What do you like most about learning with friends? Do you mean at school? I love {my teacher} and I love the fairy game because it’s the most fun.

Playful Learning World Tour

Can you tell us something special or different about where you live or games you play? We play outside at home or at the park. I like to swing high. I find all sort of colourful nature on our nature walk – pink leaves and flame tree petals and flowers. It is beautiful.

Playful Learning creator, Mariah Bruehl, invites your family to join children from all over the world on a #playfultour this August. Mariah’s goal – “to help children build leadership skills, awaken creativity, and inspire a love of discovery while meeting new friends from all over the globe.” To join us, ask your child/ren the five questions above and share their responses with the hashtag #playfultour via Instagram or Twitter. Alternatively, upload a photo of your child’s play with their responses to the new community gallery for the chance to win a scholarship to the Playful Learning Ecademy.

What is the Playful Learning Ecademy?

An experienced teacher, Mariah has created a wonderful collection of online ecourses to support young children (and their families) as playful learners. With Immy starting full time school this year, I felt that the stress management for kids eCourse, Be a Peace Maker, would be a great place to start our Ecademy experience. The eCourse comes complete with a short, informative video for parents, a fun and engaging video for kids and a range of activity suggestions. After I had watched the adult’s video (and read the accompanying information), we watched the kid’s video as an overview of the activities. The activities offer simple, practical ways to help children develop greater awareness of the peaceful responses they can choose in response to stressful situations. I am using many of the activities as casual conversation starters and plan to use some of the Ecademy’s resources to let Immy record her responses online via typing, or using the video or voice recording capability. These are stored for private use only. There is also the option to print a paper based record sheet for many of the activities.

I  am very impressed by the quality of the materials, the presentation of the information and the capability of the Ecademy’s site and I look forward to hearing more about some great new courses that Mariah has planned for release.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Mariah believes so strongly in the importance of family to young children’s learning that she is offering readers the world over free access to her wonderful Power of Put-Ups eCourse. As well as being a fabulous learning resource to share with your children (suitable for ages 4 to 104), the course will provide you with insight into the value and professionalism of the Playful Learning Ecademy. I promise you will love their ecourses. Enter the discount code WORLDPEACE during the registration process to get started on the Power of Put-Ups today.

You might like to also show your children play in the lives of children from all around the world by visiting the families of the other bloggers involved in the #playfultour. Here’s the tour’s August schedule;

August 1st: Playful Tour Kick Off  ::  August 2nd: Oh My Handmade, Canada  ::  August 5th: My Organized Chaos, Japan  ::  August 6th: Childhood 101, Australia  ::  August 7th: Mindful Parenting, Australia  ::  August 8th: Picklebums, Australia  ::  August 9th: TrashN2Tees, USA  ::  August 12th: Simple Kids, USA ::  August 13th: Mee A Bee, Japan  ::  August 14th: A Happy Adventure, NZ/China  ::  August 15th: Story of Mum, UK  ::  August 16th: Poppy Haus, USA  ::  August 19th: Kid World Citizen, USA  ::  August 20th: Salsa Pie, USA  ::  August 21st: Everything Mom & Baby, Canada  ::  August 22nd: Simple As That, USA  :: An Everyday Story, Australia  ::  August 23rd: Made By Joey, Canada  ::  August 26th: Growing Up Herbal, USA  ::  August 27th: All Done Monkey, USA  ::  August 28th: Thirteen Red Shoes, Australia  ::  August 29th: The Tiny Twig, USA/Africa  ::  August 30th:  Swoon, USA

Tell me, which of the Playful Learning eCourses do you think would be most valuable for your child or family?

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  2. I’m wishing our winter down here would let is jump on the trampoline a little more… perhaps we should move west??

    1. Oooh, don’t tease me 😉 We have had (what feels like) lots of rainy days this winter but the temperature has been quite mild and there have been many days that feel much more like spring than winter!

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  14. As we are waiting for our twins I would very much like prepairing their playing and learning space in order to create a special environment for their development…I think the playful learning spaces ecourse would be the most valuable for us. Thank you for the opportunity of sharing our wishes!

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