1. miss carly says:

    Making sure that I don't overload myself, I like to keep myself busy and have a little habit of saying 'Yes' to a few too many things.

  2. leechbabe says:


    My challenge is the same as Miss Carly. I need to learn to say 'no' more often.

    Trying to spend more time learning to see the world as my girls do.

  3. Little Billies says:

    I am loving my son for his ability to be so focused that he can block out his world, but the challenge I have is to be able to bring him out of it when he needs to enter our world!

  4. Focusing on finishing a task … rather than look at all the half started things, say 'oh too hard' and starting something new! With that rolls in the time factor too.

  5. Chantelle {fat mum slim} says:

    I too say yes too often and end up wondering how on earth I can juggle everything! But I'll get there. I'll find my groove.

    What about you?

  6. Joyful Learner says:

    I'm with Rosie…I've been working on completing projects. I'm good at starting new things but need to work on finishing and tying loose ends!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and sharing with me the great idea of making dinosaur fossils! I'm totally going to use it for the party. And I'm so glad you stopped by because I LOVE your blog! I'm your newest follower and I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  7. life requires a lot of effort!
    Balancing it is the key 🙂

  8. Farmers Wife says:

    I'm trying to decide and understand why I should buy my own dot com and leave blogspot behind……if I do this, will I still be hosted under blogger? I'm confused……

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