Get Reading with this Printable Book Bingo for Kids

Inside: Get reading with this fun printable book bingo for kids template.

A game of book bingo is a great way to encourage children to try a variety of new books, genres and text types. Our easy print book bingo is available as a free printable template for teachers and families (download and printing instructions below) and makes a great reading challenge for home or school.

Printable Book Bingo for Kids

How to Use the Book Bingo for Kids Template

Which column or row will you fill first? Can you fill an entire line diagonally? Can you fill the entire grid?!

Playing book bingo is super simple! Print a copy of the bingo board template for each of your students.

Whenever a child completes one of the reading challenges on the card they get to mark that square by recording the title of the item they read in the corresponding box on the book bingo grid.

The reading challenges include ideas for what to read – for example, a graphic novel or a non-fiction title, as well as fun suggestions for where to read – who wouldn’t love to make a blanket fort to read in!, and some reading response ideas like writing a new blurb for a book you’ve just read.

Every child who completes a set challenge is a winner. The challenge could be to fill all of the squares in one column or row on the grid. Or to fill a diagonal line. Or who can fill the most squares in a fortnight of reading?

Of course, the ultimate challenge is to fill the entire grid so once you have completed one or two smaller challenges to engage your students, then set them the task of trying to fill the entire grid.

What if my child is not reading independently?

Don’t worry if your child does not yet read aloud independently, or is a very early reader, you can always use the Book Bingo grid as a family wide or classroom read aloud challenge.

If you are looking for new book suggestions for your children to use in the challenge, check out our best picture books picks in our Best Books for Kids collection, or chapter book suggestions in the Best Chapter books for Kids of All Ages set.

Kids Book Bingo Printable

Where to Find Books for your Book Bingo challenge

If you are looking for books and other reading materials to complete your book bingo board and visiting a local library or bookstore isn’t an option, why not try;

• Rediscovering the titles in your home library.

• Swapping books you’ve already read with a friend or neighbor

• Checking out our online book collection recommendations in these articles, Online Books for Kids and Online Books for Tweens & Teens.

• For the poetry prompt, try reading some of the children’s poems shared at My children are particularly fond of poems that contain an element of humor!

• For picture books you can also check out Youtube as there are lots of channels offering read aloud time featuring a wide range of picture books.

How to Download & Print Your Book Bingo Template

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