Quick Kids Art Ideas: Cellophane Window Drawing

So I have been squirreling away on a new bumper issue of Play Grow Learn which is due for release VERY soon! In preparation for a sensory play feature in the e-zine, we’ve been having fun with a large playroom window covered in sheets of brightly coloured cellophane.

Quick Kids Art Ideas-Cellophane Drawing | Childhood 101

When I asked Immy if she would like to draw a magical wonderland directly onto the cellophane she jumped at the idea. So we grabbed the Sharpies (though any permanent marker pen would do) and she started out on a big, green cellophane sheet.

Kids Art Ideas-Cellophane Drawing | Childhood 101

Drawing on green, with a green lawn straight outside the window made the artwork more than a little tricky to photograph but I am sure you get the idea! The cellophane is taped straight onto the window with sticky tape and once we decide to take it down clean up will be as simple as removing the cellophane – no scrubbing artwork off windows…though this particular window could probably do with a scrub 🙂

Kids Art Ideas-Window Drawing | Childhood 101

Invite my girl to draw a magical, rainbow coloured wonderland and you are guaranteed to see fairies! But I also love that she added a magical fruit tree blooming with different coloured fruits that clearly reflects the actual young orange tree we have growing in our backyard that you can see to the right of the photo above.

Kids Art Ideas-Cellophane Window Drawing | Childhood 101
Giant flowers (on the left) and the warming rays of a red and purple sun drawn as the actual sun beamed through onto her creation complete this part of her vision. There are still another seven sheets of colour waiting to be adorned and I can’t wait to see what else she dreams up!

What have your kids been creating lately?

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  1. I love this idea! Simple and easy but so fun and a great sensory experience as well.

  2. Haven’t tried this before, what a cool idea.
    We need to create something again soon, it’s been a whole

  3. Sue-Two Kids Cooking and More says:

    This sounds so fun! I know my grand daughter and I could have a great time with it!

  4. This is genius Christie! We’ve tried so many variations of sticking things to contact paper on the window but R is getting a bit over it. Drawing on cellophane is brilliant! Now I know what today’s “witching hour” activity will be as I make the dinner! 🙂 Pinning 🙂

  5. Great idea Christie! I love that she drew inspiration from your own backyard – obviously she sees this as her wonderland. 🙂

  6. I love this clever idea, so simple and easy to do. Now my lack of Sharpies is getting ridiculous. I think I’ve commented on every sharpie post that I need to get some!

  7. What kid doesn’t love looking through cellophane? It’s like a requirement for kids. LOL
    Great post 🙂

  8. Great idea! We have a stack of great Sharpies and I bet my kids would love this 🙂

  9. Would have never ever thought of this! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I love this idea and I love her little drawings….so sweet! We shall try this out this week I think…thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Gabrielle @ Littlelock says:

    Great idea! The kids will love this. Just what I need for my mister nearly 5 who needs to develop his fine motor skills and practice holding his pens and pencils correctly. Need lots of creative drawing ideas to entice him away from the lego table!

  12. Thats an awesome idea! We really need to get some sharpies 🙂

  13. I wonder: could that technique not also be used to train to draw the objects outside that window for people who have problems getting things down on paper that they otherwise can clearly map in their minds? Maybe it takes away the creativity a bit, but that can be added later 😉

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