Recycled Christmas Sewing Cards

Do you save your Christmas cards once Christmas is over? I do and this year I decided to use some of last years cards to make some simple sewing cards for Immy.

Recycled Christmas sewing cards via Childhood 101

I predominantly chose cards with a single bold image that would be easy to cut, and therefore stitch, around. To make them a little more sturdy I covered the back of each card with clear self-adhesive book covering.

Recycled Christmas sewing cards via Childhood 101

Then I used a large wool needle to pierce holes around the edge of each card. For younger children you might like to punch fewer, larger holes with a single hole punch.

Recycled Christmas sewing cards via Childhood 101

Thread a large, blunt tipped needle with embroidery thread or wool (it can be helpful to tie the thread to the needle so that it is not accidentally pulled off) and show your child how to form a running stitch – reminding them to pull the needle and thread through until the thread is taut each time.

Recycled Christmas sewing cards via Childhood 101

Once they have mastered the running stitch you might also suggest they try a threaded running stitch as well! Stitching is wonderful for developing fine motor skills and hand:eye co-ordination and the finished sewing cards are rather sweet. You could even add an extra loop of thread and hang them on your tree!

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  1. Brilliant! A perfect way to recycle the cards you receive too. Love this idea!

  2. Great recycling idea! We’ll be keeping some cards to make these.

  3. Rachel | Racheous - Lovable Learning says:

    This is too clever! I have kept some cards just for this!

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