10 Healthier Snacks for Kids

Having a range of healthy snack suggestions ready to go means that I rely a whole lot less on pre-packaged or processed foods when the hangries hit (and my girls both are prone to the hangries – you know, those hunger induced angry outbursts??!) Plus I am always mindful of planning healthy after school snack options on the days that we have out-of-school activities to keep the energy flowing and the sugar levels even. So here are some of our favourites… and I would love to find out more about yours too. Feel free to leave a comment sharing your favourite kid approved snack ideas!

10 Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

Smoothies: My absolute go-to when we’re on a time limit! I love that I can throw in so many extra good goodies. Add a takeaway cup and we are good to go! See my Super Food Super Smoothie here and three Fun & Fab Kids Smoothie Recipes here.

Banana ‘Ice Cream:’ When is ice cream not ice cream? When it’s bananas! We love this frozen banana option by itself or blended with frozen berries.

Date & Coconut Balls: Simple to make, these also make a great lunch box snack option.

Anzac Slice: We make this ALL THE TIME! My family loves it so much. I love that it’s packed with rolled oats!

Alphabet Match Snack: Also known as dip, cheese & crackers, this alphabet match snack is almost too fun to eat!

Fructose Free Chocolate Muesli/Granola Bars: A great muesli bar alternative, free from refined sugar.

Homemade Muesli/Granola Bars: Kyrstie’s recipe is great as a lunch box treat too.

Apple & Yoghurt Muesli Pikelets: A delicious twist on a childhood favourite.

Fruity Ice Blocks: Check out this post for SIX great fruity ice block combinations.

Trail Mix: A super handy snack to have as a backup in your bag whenever you’re out and about.

What are your favourite after school snack ideas?

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  1. Emma loves this free Shopping List Template says:

    Those date and coconut balls are amazing. I have a similar recipe. I love them myself too – about an hour before an exercise class for that extra burst of energy. I haven’t tried the Banana Icecream before but will give it a go as I have heard that its delicious. Thanks for sharing.

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