Sponsor Spotlight & Giveaway: Arteater

In December I introduced you to Arteater with a guest post about surviving the avalanche of school (or preschool!) artwork and the importance of capturing the stories behind a creative piece. Arteater is ALL about kids art and provides parents with a range of innovative options for keeping and displaying the masterpieces created by little fingers. Like the acrylic block of one of Immy’s Yogi Bear drawing/paintings pictured above.

The block is 30mm thick, about 17.5cm wide and 12cm high. The acrylic gives the artwork brightness and a sense of depth and it looks great, I love it and can imagine a whole row of them displayed together on my shelf (maybe one day!) – I just wish the photo did it more justice.

Arteater also create custom art books, framed wall art and a clever range of unique gifts – which are perfect for mother-in-laws and other hard to buy for family members 🙂

Arteater are giving one lucky Australian Childhood 101 reader (sorry but this one is for Australian residents only) the chance to create their very own child made masterpiece. You could win an $80 gift voucher to spend at Arteater simply by visiting the Arteater website and leaving a comment on this post telling me what you would spend the $$ on.

The fine print

1. The prize includes an $80 gift voucher to be spent at arteater.com.
2. One winner will be selected randomly via random.org.
3. Entries close 6:00pm Perth WA time, Sunday, 10th April 2010.
4. The winner will be notified via email. If they do not respond to the notification within 48 hours, another winner will be chosen.
5. Entry is open to Australian residents only.

And the winner is….#10 Jane of Life on Planet Baby!


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Good luck and if you are looking for creative inspiration be sure to check out my ebook, Art Not Craft: The Process of Learning Creatively.


  1. defintiely framed wall art for me – looks amazing I have been considering this for sometime…….just need to find time to do it. Love your site – giving me lots of ideas to make it through the school holidays…

  2. Super Sarah says:

    Oh wow, gorgeous, and ironic considering I got out the HUGE box of Amy’s preschool art this weekend intending to photograph it and get started on a scrapbook. An arteater Custom Art Book would be much more professional and long lasting and this would be one giveaway where I would happily pay more! Stunning!

  3. What a fantastic company! I love the Mini Gallery. I have so many pictures I would love to see framed and this would be the perfect solution. Thanks for the opportunity. I love your Childhood 101 blog!

  4. How adorable to be able to put my little man’s creative artwork in one of the Arteater art cabinets…..so original and inventive 🙂

  5. This is such a fantastic idea. If I win I would spend the money on the little davinci art cabinet. so cute

  6. What a great idea !
    O’d love the drink bottle – very uniquely their own.

  7. I really like the opening wall frame-you can just switch out the artwork to display or the artbook that really is treasure you could give to their own children later in life! Really Cute!! Right now I scan my son’s work into the computer and also have some in those clear plastic photo frames around the house! 🙂

  8. erin balfoort says:

    Wow, what gorgeous stuff!
    I would get 2 of the art eater money boxes. My kids are obsessed with saving their money at the moment and would have a ball choosing one of their hundreds of artworks to be printed on them!

  9. Oh I love all the art eater goodies… can’t wait till we have a nice new family room wall to hang more art on. I really like the books… but with four kids I think the mini gallery is a great way to show off everyone’s work without anyone feeling left out.

  10. Ooh, with 3 under 6, the Mini Gallery would be fabulous on Planet Baby. Thanks for this great giveaway, Christie. J x

  11. I would probably spend the money on a L’ll Da Vinci Art Cabinet (A4 size). We could have a new picture every day!

  12. Mummycino says:

    I’d love to have Miss Cino do a drawing for our thank you cards for when the Gruffulo is born in July… so I’d get two sets of the greeting cards.

  13. Christie, this company has so many beautiful products but I think my favourite is the L’ll Da Vinci Art Cabinet. It’s genius. Just change the art up when something new comes along.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  14. I love the greeting cards!

  15. simone watt says:

    Oh wow! There’s too much to choose from. My daughter (1.5 yo) just brought home her first pieces of art from daycare last week and she and I can’t stop looking at them! So I think either the acrylic block to preserve that 1st magical piece or perhaps the da vinci art cabinet to celebrate all the wonderful works to come!

  16. Mugs for mothers day 🙂

  17. I love this idea of being able to keep my children’s art work. I do like the look of the acrylic block but I love the framed wall pieces too.

  18. Love all these products but the the framed wall art would be my favourite!

  19. So many great ideas to choose from, but I’m loving the greeting cards – they are a great way to share the ‘art-love’ with many friends and family, so I’d put the $80 gift voucher towards a couple of sets.

  20. Ally Moll says:

    I would definitely purchase one of the acrylic blocks!

  21. The Framed Wall art would be gorgeous and I also like the Personalised Drink Bottle with your child’s art on it.

  22. Would have to be the acrylic block for me!
    It’s stunning!!

  23. We are in the process of packing to move and I have a HUGE pile of artwork that i really want to keep for Little Emperor when he is older. I have had it displayed on the walls all this time but there is sooooo much of it and he is only 3!!!
    I dont think i could go past the acrylic block – so unique yet would make the art work look amazing – he would be so proud to see it displayed in that way 🙂

  24. Rebecca Harvey says:

    The framed art work is gorgeous. I would love it.

  25. I’d love to display my little Pro-Hart inspired boys’ works in an A3 L’ll Da Vinci Art Cabinet! Quite a step up from the strings of wool and paper-clip setup we’ve got going at the moment. If I could convince my husband, I’d add the extra to invest in a Mini Gallery… What fantastic keepsakes!

  26. Gee there is so much that i would love but I think the L’Il Da Vinci Art Cabinets looks fabulous

  27. I would love the Framed Art Work, what is better then a one of kind piece and rare mind you hanging on the wall by la Artist C

  28. bubble936 says:

    Framed art work – what a cool and creative idea. With a little art lover at home, i would definately love to have one…

  29. All of it!! Great idea- it would be a tough pic between the acrylic block (my daughter did the post amazing pic last year that would look great preserved ) or the art cabinet…. or BOTH : )

  30. I am really struggling with artwork storage at the moment, so I’d get the L’ll Da Vinci Art Cabinet (A3 size)

  31. What a wonderful giveaway and a fantastic company. I personally like to stitch/embroider my children’s artworks and make them into cushions, wall hangings etc, but this is even better. I love the idea of putting their artwork onto mugs or drink bottles. Great gift ideas.

  32. Love this. My boys are bigger now – but I’m delighted to say they have rediscovered the beauty of art – their art. They spend hours creating. Hmmm… Those acrylic blocks look FUNky excellent! The challenge would be finding which ONE to put in it.

  33. Sanchia Marshall says:

    Oh, I love the Acrylic block. My 4 year old has just started expressing himself using drawing. Mind you it was a picture of himself hitting his brother, but art is art for a reason :).

  34. So many fantastic ideas to choose from! A few more years down the line I’ll order the framed art work – it looks fantastic! However, as my toddler’s not even 2 years old yet, there’s just not enough art to make a full frame. I’d love one of his pieces of art on an acrylic block and displayed on his window sill.

  35. Oooo, thanks for the twitter reminder! I put this post in my fav’s to-do list, and forgot about it :/

    I would like to get the girls a recipe book each and fill it with recipes that the girls and I cook together, their favourite dinners, etc. I could stick in some photos of us cooking together and it would be a gorgeous keepsake for them to have and use when they have their own babies.

  36. I would have some wall art made up. To help add some colour to our house

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