65 Tween & Teen Books Made Into Movies

Inside: 65 of the best tween book to movie adaptations and teen books made into movies.

Connect your tween or teen with a book they can really identify with, one that resonates with their inner dreams or takes them on the most thrilling adventure, and you’ll have a reader for life. Choosing a book is a movie can help encourage even the most reluctant reader to take that leap. Plus reading a book and watching the movie provides lots of opportunities for comparing and contrasting the two…how often does the movie live up to the book, after all!?!

Middle school and teen books made into movies

And teachers, within this huge list of book and movie pairs you’re sure to also find the perfect choice for your middle school or high school class English project.

If you’re looking for book to movie adaptations for younger children, combine this list with our 75 Kids Books That Are Movies post for a total of well over 120 books made into movies for kids of all ages -that’s family movie night sorted for a good long time!

65 Tween & Teen Books Made Into Movies

I suggest checking out the reviews on the Common Sense Media website for more information regarding titles you are unfamiliar with. They provide helpful age recommendations from experts, parents and children. Each book and movie listed below is linked to an Amazon store page – these are affiliate links and I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

Classic Books Made Into Movies for Middle School

Enjoyed by many generations, these classic books made into movies are great for discovering (or rediscovering) with children in the middle grades.

Narnia book and movie adaptation

1. The Chronicles of Narnia
Four siblings journey through the back of a wardrobe to a magical world cursed with an eternal winter, where they encounter an evil snow witch, make new friends, meet a majestic king and learn important lessons about courage, honor and loyalty.

A Wrinkle in Time

2. A Wrinkle in Time
When a mother and her two children come down for a late-night snack and find a stranger speaking of tesseracts that allow travel through space and time, it stirs up memories of the children’s father and his disappearance, and sets them on a journey to find him.

Bridge to Terabithia tween book to movie adaptation

3. Bridge to Terabithia
Unlikely friends Jess and Leslie love to play in their amazing enchanted world in the woods called Terabithia. When tragedy strikes, Jess is heartbroken and must learn to deal with his grief, thanks to the support of his family and the lessons his friend left with him..

I Am David

4. I Am David
Twelve year old David has only ever known life in a concentration camp. When he is given the opportunity to escape the camp he struggles to cope in the outside world, facing danger, fear, loneliness and hunger, David must learn to trust others in the face of many challenges.

Little Women book and movie for teens

5. Little Women
A classic tale exploring the lives of four very different sisters growing up in the late 1800s as they each discover their own sense of self, the importance of family and friends, and their place within their community and the wider world, all while wondering if their father will return safely home from war.

The Neverending Story book and movie

6. The Never-ending Story
Bastian finds an old book called The Never-ending Story and, as he reads, Bastian discovers himself as an actual character in the book! He discovers the magical land in the book, Fantastica, is in grave danger and that he is the only one who can save it.

The Golden Compass book made into movie

7. The Golden Compass
Lyra is a strong, young girl from a world that feels very familiar but is also very different from our own. Hers is a world of magic, where each person is paired with a “daemon”, an animal connected to them. But Lyra must journey to the cold, far North, where witch clans and armored bears rule to save her friend, Roger, who has been stolen by the evil Gobblers for sinister purposes..

Alice in Wonderland book made into movie for tweens

8. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
When Alice spies a  little white rabbit who is very much in a hurry she follows him and finds herself in the magical land of Wonderland on an odd adventure with a cast of strange characters, including Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat and the Red Queen.

The Giver book and movie

9. The Giver
Twelve year old Jonas finds nothing odd about his colorless world of conformity and contentment, until he receives his life assignment as the Receiver of Memory. As he learns more about the world through the memories he realizes there are dark secrets deciding the fate of the community.

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The Witches book and movie for tweens

10. The Witches  
In this creepy recreation of Roald Dahl’s classic, a boy and his Grandmother fight a group of witches who threaten to rid the world of children.

The House With a Clock in Its Walls book and movie for preteens

11. The House With a Clock in the Walls 
10 year old Lewis is sent to live with his uncle in a creaky old haunted house with a mysterious tick-tocking heart. But the town’s sleepy facade is not all as it seems and when Lewis accidentally awakens the dead, the town springs to life revealing a secret, dangerous world of witches, warlocks and deadly curses.

Storm Boy tween book made into a movie

12. Storm Boy 
When strange visions of the past begin to reappear for Michael he is encouraged to retell the story of his childhood discovery and care for a little pelican known as “Mr Percival” in a touching tale of friendship, love, hate, loneliness and loss.

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit classic books made into movies for preteens

13. When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit 
As Jewish family flee from the Nazis in Berlin in the days before the Second World War; traveling first to Zurich, then to Paris and finally to London, a ten year old girl and her brother must overcome the challenges of new surroundings, new languages, new classmates, and new friends, again and again.

Goosebumps books made into movies for tweens

14. Goosebumps 
When Zach moves with his mother to what he considers the dullest town in the world, he couldn’t be more wrong! As he tries to find out what’s up with his unusual new neighbors, he unwittingly unleashes a ventriloquist dummy named Slappy and an army of strange monsters. Slappy’s plan? To wreak havoc on the town of author, R.L. Stine, who sealed the creatures into the manuscripts of his books!

Modern Tween Books Made Into Movies

Our list of modern books with movies for tweens includes comedy, dark humor, action, adventure, fantasy and more!

Holes book and movie

15. Holes
Stanley Yelnats is fighting his family’s generational curse of being the bad kid when sentenced to dig holes at a boy’s detention camp. Stanley then discovers the warden has a reason for all these holes, he’s trying to find something…but Stanley is on to him!

Because of Winn Dixie book to movie adaptation for tweens

16. Because of Winn-Dixie
One summer’s day, a lonely, ten-year-old, India Opal Buloni, goes down to the local supermarket for some groceries—and comes home with a dog. But Winn-Dixie is no ordinary dog.

Middle school movies based on books

17. Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life  
On starting at his new school, Principal Dwight makes it clear to Rafe that the school operates under a very strict set of rules. A creative kid, Rafe finds the rules frustrating and unfair. When Principal Dwight destroys Rafe’s artbook, Rafe and a friend seek revenge through a series of silly pranks.

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Wonder Struck book and movie adaptation for 10 year olds

28. Wonderstruck
Wonderstruck shares two parallel stories about hearing impaired children living in different historical time periods. Both are alone and isolated, from troubled homes, and run away to New York City seeking to find an absent parent. Both Rose and Ben will need resourcefulness, luck and more than a little magic to achieve their goal and survive in the big city.

Ella Enchanted

18. Ella Enchanted 
A new take on the tale of Cinderella, Ella is a girl who is cursed with the gift of obedience. After losing her mother, her father weds again and Ella is determined to survive both her new step-mother and her horrible step-sisters but tired of being taken advantage of, Ella sets out to break the curse that binds her.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

19. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events Series
A trio of young orphans face down just about everything that could go wrong for a group of kids. From losing their parents to fighting bad guys (including their mysterious and ruthless Count Olaf), they defy death and more to overcome a truly horrible series of unfortunate events.

City of Ember

20. The City of Ember
The lights of the City of Ember are said to provide the last place safe for the human race, however after centuries of use the embers are starting to dim. When Lina finds an ancient message, she’s sure it holds a secret that will save the city, but first she and her friend Doon must race to figure out the clues that will stop the lights burning out and keep the darkness away.

Eragon book made into movie

21. Eragon
Eragon believes he’s just a poor boy living on a farm until he discovers that he’s actually the last of the Dragon Riders. With only a sword, a fiercely loyal dragon, and the wise words from a friend he begins his journey as one fated to play an essential role in an upcoming war – along the way enduring perilous travels, sudden battles, capture and escape.

Lemonade Mouth book made into movie for tweens

22. Lemonade Mouth
The tale of five outcasts who make plans in detention to pool their hidden talents form a band. Along the way they become the pride of the socially awkward at their high school (and far beyond) as their band, Lemonade Mouth, becomes legendary – changing rock and roll in Rhode Island, and high school, forever.

Are You There God? Its Me Margaret. Book to Movie Adaptation for Tweens

23. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret
This faithful book to movie adaptation of Judy Blume’s popular novel, sees 11 year old Margaret grapple with puberty and personal questions resulting from being raised without a religion.

The Breadwinner book and movie adaptation for 12 year olds

27. The Breadwinner  
11 year old Parvana lives in Taliban controlled Afghanistan. When her farther is wrongfully detained, the family are left alone, unable to work or buy food as women are not allowed to leave their homes unaccompanied. There is only one dangerous solution – Parvana must cut her hair and change her identity to find work and bring home bread for the family.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

24. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
As a group of four 16-year-old girls face their first summer apart, they promise to rotate a pair of seemingly magical jeans among them, at the summer’s end sharing their favorite adventure while wearing the pants. The jeans travel the world, tying together the four girls as they face new love, unexpected friendships, a father’s remarriage and more.

The Tigers Apprentice book and movie for teens

25. The Tiger’s Apprentice 
15 year old Chinese American Tom Lee discovers he is part of a long lineage of magical protectors of an ancient stone called the Phoenix. This magic stone has the power to destroy worlds and is sought after by the villainous sorceress, Loo. Tom is trained by Mr Hu, one of twelve Zodiac animal warriors who watch over the guardian of the stone, and with guidance from the mythical tiger takes on the evil Loo and her plan that threatens all of humanity.

Miss Peregrine's book to movie adaptation

26. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
A teenage boy is sent to a relative’s home on an island after a family tragedy. When he discovers an abandoned orphanage he also discovers that the children that have lived there were more than a bit different, and potentially dangerous and that they may in fact still be alive.

Teen Movies Based on Books

With so many great YA books being published it is not hard to find characters teenagers will relate to, whatever their interests. This list of new teenage books that are movies includes our pick of the best young adult fantasy, science fiction, romance and comedy teen movies based on books.

Enola Holmes book to movie adaptation

29. Enola Holmes: The Case of the Missing Marquess  Sleuthing is in the blood for Enola Holmes, the teenage sister of Sherlock. In this first installment in the series, Enola proves to be both smart and resourceful as she searches for her mother, who has disappeared on Enola’s fourteenth birthday, leaving only the gift of a book of ciphers behind.

The Boy in Striped Pajamas book to movie for teens

30. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Set during World War II in Germany, Bruno moves with his family to a new location for his father’s work. Bruno, bored with his surroundings, finds a friend but his new friend is separated by a fence and he just doesn’t understand why. The forbidden friendship has startling consequences for Bruno and his family.

The Maze Runner book and movie for teens

31. The Maze Runner
Thomas remembers only his name as he wakes inside a lift that takes him up to meet a group of boys who also only know their names. They have formed a community within the confine of the high walls. What faces them on the outside – death, monsters, and more, they know little of. All they know is they have to survive somehow.

Moxie book and movie for teens

32. Moxie
Teen girls show courage by standing up to the longheld sexist and racist traditions of their school through an anonymous zine called Moxie. Alongside strong feminist messages, the story includes teen experimentation with sex and alcohol and chauvinistic behavior.

The Book Thief book and movie for teens

33. The Book Thief
When a small, lost and broken German girl living through war learns to read, and love and treasure books, she finds comfort and strength between their pages and shares this comfort with those she shelters with.

The Hate U Give book made into a movie for teens

34. The Hate U Give
Starr moves freely between her poor neighbourhood and the rich prep-school she attends, until the night her whole world is shattered when a police officer kills her best friend. Starr is the only one who really knows what happened that night and the information she holds could not only destroy her community but also put her whole family at risk.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl book to movie

35. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl  
An awkward high school senior is encouraged by his mother to spend time with a classmate who has been diagnosed with leukaemia in this quirky coming of age story that includes a balance of drama and comedy in the face of tragedy.

Looking for Alibrandi book to movie for teens

36. Looking for Alibrandi
Josephine is nearing her final year at her Catholic high school and her traditional, Italian family is set on keeping her away from the world. But this will be the year she falls in love, the year she discovers her family’s secret and the year she grows up.

The Darkest Minds YA movies inspired by books

37. The Darkest Minds  
Teens who survive a fatal virus and left with mysterious powers are declared a threat by the government and must band together to fight for their lives and the future of society.

Divergent book to movie adaptation for teens

38. Divergent
In a futuristic Chicago it comes time for Beatrice to decide her faction. Should she stick with that destined by her family or choose a new destiny. When the results of her choice aren’t quite what she planned, Beatrice finds herself on the run to hide a secret. Ultimately she must decide – stay and endanger her family or unleash the truth and endanger her new friends..

The Hunger Games book and movie

39. The Hunger Games
Panem is a nation divided into districts, those districts must send a child to fight to the death yearly for supplies to survive. But this year it all changes when an older sister volunteers to save her younger sister from being part of the Hunger Games. Katniss becomes a beloved star in the Capitol, finding allies and making plenty of enemies along the way. A great book series turned into movies.

For more books like this check out our collection of YA Dystopian Book Series for Teens.

A Monster Calls books made into movies for teens

40. A Monster Calls
Exploring powerful themes of anger, grief and the power of unconditional love, a boy faced with the loss of his mother is guided through his emotions by an unexpected visitor: a startling, supernatural tree monster.

Nerve YA movies inspired by books

41. Nerve  
A great example of movies inspired by books, Nerve introduces teens playing a live streamed social media game that initiates crazy dares in rewards for prizes. When Vee is teamed with Ian she is exhilarated as they take on riskier and riskier dares, each with higher stakes. But how far will the players go before they lose their nerve?

Ready Player One book made into movie for tenns

42. Ready Player One
In the year 2045 the Earth is an ugly place and its residents seek relief in the virtual world known as OASIS. When the creator of the OASIS dies, he leaves behind a series of puzzles based on his obsession with the pop culture of decades past. The first to solve them will inherit his vast fortune and control of the OASIS itself..

Romance is a popular genre with teens and these are our pick of the best YA romance books that are also movies.

Five Feet Apart books made into movies for teens

43. Five Feet Apart
Can you really fall in love with someone you can never touch? When teenagers Stella and Will defy the rules of their illnesses – being closer than six feet apart could endanger both of their lives, to be together, could it really be worth it?

If I Stay book and movie for teens

44. If I Stay
17 year old Mia has no memory of the accident, only recalling driving along the snow covered Oregon road with her family. Then she finds herself watching as her own damaged body is taken from the wreck. With her whole family gone Mia must make a choice – does she stay or does she go?

Everything Everything books made into movies for teens

45. Everything Everything
Maddy has a rare medical condition – she’s allergic to the world and has never left her home, cocooned in the sterile sanctuary of her home. That is until Olly moves in next door. They quickly become friends and it is then Maddy begins to question everything she has ever known about herself and wonders if just being alive is enough.

For more books like this check out our collection of YA Medical Fiction Books for Teens.

Love Simon book to movie adaptation for teens

46. Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda
When sixteen year old, not-yet-openly gay Simon discovers that his secret has fallen into the wrong hands he learns to embrace his truth and tell his own story – tricky to do without alienating family and friends and scaring off the boy he likes, rather than letting someone else tell it for him.

The Fault in Our Stars book and movie

47. The Fault in our Stars
When Hazel finds that her tumor has shrunken it gives her parents hope, but Hazel isn’t so sure. She’s accepted her diagnosis no matter how grim until Augustus Waters appears at her Cancer Support Group, now Hazel must rethink the ending of her story.

Paper towns book and movie for teens

48. Paper Towns  
A teenage boy goes on an epic quest to find his mysterious longtime crush after she suddenly vanishes following a prank-filled night of misadventures.

The Duff YA books turned into movies

49. The Duff
This irreverant high school comedy movie about a girl labeled the Designated Ugly Fat Friend by her more popular frenemies is insightful but has some spicy moments.

The Sun is Also a Star romance book to movie adaptation for teens

50. The Sun Is Also a Star 
Opposites attract when a college-bound romantic and a Jamaica-born pragmatist meet and fall in love over the course of one magical day in New York City. A wistful story about finding love against all odds.

Teen book to movie: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

51. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe  
In this tender YA coming of age novel adaptation, Mexican American teenagers Aristotle and Dante become friends whilst each struggling with their racial and ethnic identity, sexuality and family relationships in 1987 El Paso, Texas.

Classic Teen Books Made Into Movies

There are so many great classic novels that have survived through decades (and much longer) that are still popular with today’s teens, many now with fabulous movie adaptations.

Ender's Game book and movie

52. Ender’s Game
In order to create a secure defense against a hostile alien race’s attack, the government breeds child geniuses and trains them as soldiers. Growing up in this environment, child genius Ender Wiggin suffers greatly due to the isolation, rivalry, pressure and fear. Ender’s siblings are also gifted – with other unique gifts and it is going to take the combined talents of all three to remake the world…if it survives.

Tomorrow When the War Began book to movie adaptation for teens

53. Tomorrow When the War Began
Coming home from a camping trip with friends, Ellie discovers that everyone in her small, country town has disappeared. The friends are left with many questions – what has happened? Are their families and friends alive or dead? Do they stay and fight or do they hide or do they run?

The Hobbit book and movie

54. The Hobbit
The tale of a place called Middle-Earth where elves, humans, orcs, and dwarfs are at war for their homes and treasures. Bilbo Baggins is a comfort loving hobbit who finds himself on the wrong end of adventure when recruited to help a family of dwarves raid the home of a dragon.

The Lord of the Rings book and movie

55. The Lord of the Rings
Join Frodo Baggins as he gathers together a courageous band representing the different races of Middle-Earth for a journey to destroy the legendary One Ring and stop an evil ruler. The fellowship is broken as the true battle for Middle-Earth begins… who will survive.

The Outsiders book to movie adaptation for teens

56. The Outsiders
When a group of poor, outcast “greasers” is ongoingly harrassed by the rich boys in town who always get away with everything, it eventually all goes more than a little too far, and before they know it, for Ponyboy, his brothers and friends,  there’s no going back.

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Romeo and Juliet movie and book

57. Romeo and Juliet
A town divided into two families, but the teens from both families have a secret affair and are pried apart and sworn never to see each other. How will they survive without the other, what secret plans will they make to see each other?

To Kill a Mockingbird book and Movie

58. To Kill a Mockingbird
Based in the 1930s, a tale of the unjust and cruel things people faced and put others through. A young girl watches as her lawyer father puts it all on the line to defend a young black man in the south during these times when that’s unheard of.

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War Horse book to movie adaptation for teens

59. War Horse 
Teenager Albert is devastated when his family is forced sell his beloved horse, Joey, to an officer headed to fight in the First World War. When Albert is old enough to enlist he sets out on a perilous journey to find his friend. This heartfelt story of perseverance, loyalty and friendship does not shy away from the harsh realities of war.

Dune books made into movies for teens

60. Dune
The son of a noble family travels to a dangerous planet to avenge his father’s death and protect the most precious resource in the galaxy in a stunning adaptation of Frank Herbert’s classic sci-fi novel..

Cruella book to movie adaptation for teens

61. Cruella  
Set amidst the 1970’s London fashion scene, Cruella provides an alternative origin story for 101 Dalmations’ villain, Cruella de Vil. In this great example of movies inspired by books, apprentice designer, Estella, discovers that her high powered boss is responsible for her mother’s death and seeks retribution for her loss, transforming into the edgy, unconventional designer – Cruella.

Biographies Turned Into Movies for Teens

Biographies are a fabulous way to inspire teens through real life stories and this collection of books with biopics offers a great first introduction to this genre.

Soul Surfer movie and book for teens

62. Soul Surfer
An inspiring true story of grit and determination – Bethany Hamilton was just a teen when she lost her arm in a shark attack. Seemingly with saltwater in her veins, she survived the attack and went on to fight against all odds to become a world surfing champion.

He Named Me Malala book to movie documentary for teens

63. He Named Me Malala 
This inspiring documentary shares the story of teenager Malala Yousafzai, who survived a Taliban attack in Pakistan to emerge as a global voice for the rights of all children to an education.

Hidden Figures book and movie for teens

64. Hidden Figures
Before man walked on the moon, a group of dedicated four female NASA mathematicians known as human computers used pencils, rulers and adding machines to calculate the numbers that would launch rockets and astronauts into space. This is their story.

Lion book to movie adaptation for teens

65. Lion
Five year old Saroo lived in a poor village in India, in a one-room hut with his mother and three siblings, until the day he boarded a train alone and got lost. For twenty-five years. In those years Saroo went from the streets of Calcutta all the way across the world to Tasmania. And then he found his way back home again.

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