The Other Woman

The Other Woman: How Starting School Changes Family Life Forever

She is lovely. Softly spoken. Patient. Kind. Fun. Interesting.

She is everything you struggle to be.

You used to be the one person your child looked up to more than anyone else in the entire world. And in return, you knew their every thing – every precious smile, word, action and milestone. But now you have to share. With her.

The Other Woman.

Times have most certainly changed. Now she spends more time with your child than you do. She is the one who knows what they are doing, saying, playing and learning. You hide your jealously behind eager smiles and over zealous nods whenever she shares a tiny tidbit of news about their fabulous adventures. You crave every bit of information whilst simultaneously silently berating yourself for your inability to let go.

Her presence invades your daily life in ways your could never imagine. She knows everything. She is never wrong. You daren’t question a single story your child relays because you’ll always be the one in the wrong. You are the bad guy even as you nag your child to do her bidding.

Some days you swear you’ll scream if you hear, “But Mrs …” just one more time.

You know you must make peace with the fact that this other woman (and not only this one but also the next one and the one after that) is now a permanent fixture in your family’s life and you comfort yourself with the fact that your child is loving this new journey. You give thanks for her wonderful qualities and hope that all those who come after her are just as kind, compassionate and dedicated. But still you struggle to make room for the new love of your child’s life.

This other woman. This new, very important person. She is their teacher.

And mama? Well she just needs a little time to let go!

(Or maybe all of the feelings are just me? 😉 )

Did you take time to adjust to the changes in your family life once your child started school? What was the hardest part for you?

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  1. Loved this!
    Right now I am struggling with ‘The Other Woman’ having so much influence but not yet knowing my boy at all… it is very hard to let go.

  2. I can relate to this – especially this year as I have only been to the school a couple times since our new baby was born. I’m really struggling with school having such a huge influence on my son… very hard to let go.

  3. Oh my goodness, so true!! Last year’s Other Woman only had him 2.5 days per week, that was easy. But full time? Agggghhh! Lucky I think the Other Woman is gorgeous because I would find it harder if I didn’t, but it is definitely not easy to have to start letting go …

    1. Seeing these outside influences become stronger and stronger is hard to watch!

  4. Natalie @ Little Jam Pot Life Blog says:

    I dont want to face this! my girl is due to start school this year and i really want to postpone and home ed!!

  5. I too find it so hard accepting that Grace spends more waking hours on school days away from me than with me 🙁 I just hope that all the positive experiences, life skills and educational activities overbalance my missing her xx

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