9 Cool Things to Do With Kids Artwork

If your children are anything like mine they are prolific artists! While I sort through and save many of my girls’ artworks (and this post explains my sorting and saving process), I am always on the lookout for other ideas of what to do with these precious gems. Here are 9 really cool ideas for re-purposing your favourite kids art pieces.

9 Cool Things to Do With Kids Artwork

1. Make a photo book: I LOVE this kids art photo book at Paislee Press.

2. Make a collage: I made this collage that hangs in Immy’s bedroom from two of her artworks made while printmaking as a toddler – five years ago!

3. Make a soft toy: I have always wanted to try this with one of Immy’s drawings! There are a number of Etsy sellers who will create a fabulous, personalised soft toy based on your child’s artwork – check out Pofuff or The Little Baby Bo Co.

4. Make a keyring: While certainly a keepsake, I can’t help thinking that transforming your child’s artwork into a keyring like this one would make such a lovely gift for Dad or Grandad.

5. Frame it: Frame your favourite pieces and hang them in your home. When I was pregnant Immy made an embroidery and a fabric painted garden to hang in the nursery for her new baby sister. You can see them both here.

6. Make it into other cool things: Like these pretty paper pinwheels or these fun paper lanterns featured at The Imagination Tree.

7. Use it for birthday cards and wrapping paper: This has to be one of my favourite ways to use up large scale paintings! Use it to wrap gifts for friends and family and to decorate birthday cards.

8. Shrink it!: Scanning and shrinking your child’s artwork is perfect for collating multiple pictures into a simple framed photo display. Check out this gorgeous example at Simple as That.

9. Make an Artwork Garland: Hang your child’s favourite pieces as a garland for everyone to enjoy. I love this version shared by Meri Cherry.

What do you do with your favourite pieces of kids artwork?


  1. Thanks so much for including me in this round up!! Really appreciate it. Love all these ideas.

  2. Emma loves this free Shopping List Template says:

    Fabulous ideas. I have a pile of my boys best artwork ready to do something with. Now I have some great inspiration. Thankyou@

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