Creating Transient Art With Young Children

Tips for creating transient art with children

You may have heard the term transient art in relation to activities for kids. Transient art is non-permanent, constantly evolving and process orientated creativity in action. When children work on transient art projects they manipulate, explore and experiment as they work individually or … [Read more...]

Kids Art Ideas: Name Rainbows

Rainbow Name Art Project for school aged kids. Create colourful, process based art with each child's name.

Given how popular our Name Snowflakes were at Christmas time, today we are excited to share our latest cool kids art project - these super colourful Name Rainbows! I love that this project combines art with a little math, some fine motor work and a good dose of experimentation too. And the … [Read more...]

Kids Art Ideas: Tabletop Monoprinting

KIDS ART IDEAS: Tabletop monoprinting

Monoprinting is a form of printmaking where only a single image can be printed, unlike most printmaking techniques that allow you to make multiple prints of the same image. And tabletop monoprinting has to be one of the all time favourite art making techniques in our home. It's simple to do, uses … [Read more...]

Star In Your Own Art: 3 Ways to Draw With Photos

Kids Art Ideas_Put Yourself in the Picture_Creating Art with Your Own Photos

Using photos of the individual child is a great way to inspire art making and today I am sharing three simple ways to use photos in drawing experiences at home or in the classroom. For the first idea you will need to cut the child out of a photo and stick it onto the drawing page. I knew this … [Read more...]

Christmas Scratch Art & DIY Scratch Art Sheet Experiments

Kids Art Ideas: Christmas scratch art and experimenting with DIY scratch art sheets

Immy and I have had fun making our own scratch art sheets with oil pastels many times, however in the past we have stuck with the more traditional black scratching surface over a coloured background. When we decided to create some Christmas art using the scratch art technique we started out the same … [Read more...]

Crayon Resist Leaf Rubbings

Kids art ideas: Crayon resist watercolour leaf rubbings

We have a giant mulberry tree in our front yard and as well as enjoying the berries when they are in season, Immy and I also like to look for interesting things to do or create from the leaves. When we noticed some nice big leaves on the tree recently we decided to experimenting with crayon rubbing … [Read more...]

Drawing for Kids: 12 Fun Drawing Ideas

Drawing for Kids_12 Kids Drawing Ideas

I am pretty sure drawing is akin to breathing for Immy! This kid would be happy to draw all day every day. Over the years we have explored lots of different drawing techniques and mediums and these are some of our favourites.... 12 Really, Really Fun Ideas for Drawing with Kids 1. Ice + Ink … [Read more...]

Art for Kids: Modelling Clay Pictures

Art for Kids: Modelling Clay Pictures via Childhood 101

One of the things I love about process based art projects is that it is so simple to involve children of all different ages. Toddlers will most often respond with a more basic sensory exploration of the materials whilst preschoolers and school aged children can be challenged to represent their … [Read more...]