5 Printable New Years Eve Party Games for Families

Make your family’s NYE party a real celebration with these five free, printable New Years Eve party games for families!

5 Free Printable New Years Eve Party Games for Families

5 Printable New Years Eve Party Games for Families

1. New Year’s Family Conversation Starters: Add these printable memory sparking conversation cards to a bowl. Pass the bowl around and have each person choose a card to answer, or each share your best memory from the year for each card.

2. Charades: The one game guaranteed to have family and friends laughing out loud! Check out our free, printable game cards – we’ve got New Year’s Charades for FamiliesKids TV Show Charades Cards, Cartoon Characters Charades Game CardsFamily Movie Charades Cards and more! Make your game even more fun by placing each charades prompt into a balloon and blowing it up! Players must choose a balloon and pop it before acting it out.

3. Would You Rather…? Game for Families – New Years Edition: Would you rather have to sing every time you speak or dance every time you move? Wear only a swimsuit or pair of pyjamas everyday for the next year? Celebrate the New Year with your family or your pick of 3 celebrities? Print these free game cards for a NYE spin on the cool conversation game of Would You Rather…?

4. What Am I? Game (via Picklebums): A wacky cross between celebrity head and twenty questions, this kid friendly version of What Am I? is perfect for family fun time.

5. New Year’s Alphabet Bingo Game: A fun, printable alphabet bingo game for your family New Year’s Eve party! These pretty foil balloon letters are sure to light up your celebration!

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