7 Ways to Stress Less About Your Christmas Shopping

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Christmas is only five weeks away and I have bought exactly 0 presents. Yes, that’s correct. 0. Now I know some of you are super organised types who cleverly shop the toy sales and have everything already wrapped and hidden in that old, grey suitcase in the back of the closet. I am sorry but this post is not for you! This post is for those, like me, who still have a Christmas tree sized mountain to climb in order to get ready for the big day. To those readers I say, grab a cup of coffee, a pen and paper (or phone/tablet/laptop) and join me as we make a plan to get this Christmas shopping thing done with the least amount of stress possible! 7 Ways to Get Organised for Your Christmas Shopping Here’s how I’m tackling the Christmas shopping this year…

1. Have a plan for your kid’s gifts

I find my biggest area of budgetary blowout at Christmas time is gifts for my girls – just one more little thing for the Santa stocking, you can never have too many books, oh Immy loves fairies/Frozen/princesses/Lego… You might know the following rhyme, I have used it for many years for little things for Immy’s Santa stocking,

“Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read.”

Well last year I also developed a little bit of a rhyme of my own as a guide to gift buying my children. It goes; Choosing great toys for kids   I don’t buy all of these things myself but also refer to it when making recommendations to family buying gifts for the kids as well. If you pop over to my post from last Christmas, you can see lots of ideas for open ended toys for children of all ages within each of these five categories – building, creating, pretending, active play outdoors and collaborative, sharing games. This year I am using these two rhymes as guides for my kids’ gift list and once I have made my selection THAT’S IT 😉

2. Make an ‘Everything Christmas’ List and stick to it

Consider everything you will need to celebrate Christmas with your family and friends. I like to think about the following categories;

  • Cooking: Which Christmas meals and events are you catering for?
  • Family and friend gatherings: Apart from food what else will you need for your family gatherings, everything from napkins to extra plates, or even picnic blankets and a cricket set for those who spend time together outdoors at Christmas
  • Family traditions: Do you need to purchase an advent calendar? Christmas pyjamas or picture books? Do you bake together with your children at Christmas? Or craft? Do you attend Carols by Candelight? What do you need to purchase in preparation for each of these traditions?
  • Gifts: This one might seem obvious but aside from family and friends, don’t forget teachers, activity leaders, others in your community you like to gift to and hostess gifts for events you will be attending.
  • Giving: What will you need for wrapping gifts? What about Christmas cards? Donations? Acts of community service?

7 Tips for Getting Organised for Your Christmas Shopping

3. Choose a ‘One Stop’ shopping location

The quickest and easiest way to manage Christmas shopping is to get it all done in one trip to the shops so heading to a comprehensive, family friendly department store is definitely the way to go. This Christmas BIG W have stocked up on all of the latest big brands of kids toys, books, DVDs, homewares and electronics. You’ll find something for everyone on your list. Plus they stock all of the other bits and bobs you’re looking for – everything from clothes to Christmas wrap, tinsel to tape, so you really will save time and money.

4. Remember the ‘forgetables’

One of the things that really gets me every Christmas is how many last minute trips to the busy shops we have to make for all of the little things I have forgotten! This year I am planning for the forgetables, making sure gift-wrap, gift tags, tape (plenty of tape!), ribbon, batteries, Christmas crackers, napkins, fruit mince pies (because you can never have too many fruit mince pies), shortbread and Christmas cards are all on my list! 7 Tips for Getting Organised for Christmas Shopping

5. Take advantage of online stores for research and shopping

I can’t tell you how much I love online shopping for taking the stress out of big family occasions like Christmas. I can jump online and research gift ideas and compare pricing at all my favourite stores.  I also love the ease of using the ‘Click and Collect’ option that many large stores now offer.

6. When you do have to hit the shops, leave the kids at home!

Exchange babysitting favours with friends if necessary because shopping sans children makes everything quicker, less expensive and much, much less stressful!

7. Stop shopping!

When you’re done, be done! Avoid the shops, crank up the Christmas carols and enjoy a glass of wine as you wrap your gifts and look forward to a fabulous time with family and friends.

I would love to hear your tips, how do you tackle your Christmas shopping each year?


  1. Love that last tip!!

    And I LOVE online shopping… last year we decided at the last minute to replace one of our children’s lost ipods and our local Big W didn’t have any in stock, but the website did and they shipped super fast too!

  2. oh, what a great post to get me organised for xmas!! your little rhyme is gorgeous and i love the idea of sharing that with friends/family who are wanting to get them something too. I need to get to BIG W for all those ‘forgettables’ lol, I do always forget those!!! My aim is always to get everything done by Dec 1st so i dont have to step foot in the shops over that time 😉

  3. Great tips! I’ve been shopping online a lot this year, and we also follow the ‘something they want… etc’

  4. Good tips to keep it simple – it is so easy to go completely overboard on gifts and food!

  5. That “Everything Christmas” list is handy, thanks! I needed that haha. Funnily enough, it’s the forgettables that I have actually been stocking up on this year so far. I feel like every time I’ve been shopping over the last month or so, I’ve bought another roll of tape, haha. Even if I have enough, it always seems to go missing. I will not be lacking tape this year. People might end up getting tape for Christmas though as I’ve been too busy buying tape to get anything else. I think I’ll be heading online as you suggested for the majority of my shopping and the rest I want to do in my local community to support the independent shop owners and put some money back into our economy.

  6. Oh, I needed this!
    And how awesome is click and collect when you don’t want to be dragging 3 little kids around the shops, yes!

  7. Perfect timing as always Christie! Moving house has thrown a spanner in my Christmas prep, I’m so disorganised this year. I’ve written a list for the kids but that’s as far as I’ve gotten!

  8. Oh gawd, I’m still in denial….

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