7 Great Netflix Educational Shows for School Age Students

Kids will love learning all about the world with these great educational TV shows for elementary students currently streaming on Netflix.

Exploring everything from the wonders of the animal kingdom to fun history lessons and quirky science, each of these TV series is digitally packed with fun facts and interesting lessons presented in ways that engage children’s attention and captivate their interest, offering awesome insight for learning both at home and school – hey, even adults can learn a lot from our fave shows on this list!

Educational TV Shows on Netflix for Elementary Students

7 Great Educational Shows for Elementary Kids on Netflix

1. Ask the Storybots
This adorable show includes a cool music video at the end of every show and features fun celebrity appearances. Through engaging storylines, students in the early elementary/primary grades will enjoy discovering factual answers to many of the most popular questions kids, like How Do Volcanoes Explode? What Makes Airplanes Fly? and Why Do We Get Sick?

2. The Magic School Bus and The Magic School Bus Rides Again
Whether it’s the original Magic School Bus series or the reboot, The Magic School Bus Rides Again, you know your children are about to head off on a grand adventure with Ms. Frizzle and her class. Each episode explores a specific scientific question through a class field trip like no other!

3. If I Were an Animal…
A great pick for animal lovers, children accompany each featured animal species on a journey from birth to adulthood, learning all about the animal’s behaviour and habitat. Narrated by two children, with live action footage, it’s a great tool for engaging younger learners with the animal world.

4. Brainchild
Our eleven year old loves this show! Great for getting elementary children in the later grades involved with science, Brainchild introduces interesting kid-focused questions and then tracks down the answers. Episodes explore concepts like germs through a fun experiment with the good old ‘five second rule’ and the differences between generations through a series of challenges for parents vs their children.

5. 72 Cutest Animals
This fun and informative educational series debates which animal is the cutest animal of them all. Cuteness is difficult to define and completely open to interpretation – is the inquisitive meerkat cuter than the cuddly koala? How would a lovable little penguin be ranked against a cheeky snow monkey? Children will learn interesting facts about each of the animals featured – and the series is sure to create a fun debate in your home or classroom!

6. Dino Hunt
For elementary kids with an interest in dinosaurs and fossils, Dino Hunt follows paleontologists searching for fossils in Canada in the hope of discovering the holy grail of paleontology – a new dinosaur species!

7. The Who Was? Show
This is a live-action sketch comedy show that’s based on a popular book series that features historical figures like Pablo Picasso, and King Tut. Your kids will have fun learning more about some of the most important historical figures in a new way that is sure to capture their interest and attention.

For those at home, why not add your pick of each of these to your Netflix saved list so that you can add an educational series or two to your children’s screen time schedule.

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