Homemade Paper Roll Wreath That Kids Can Make

When it came to the challenge of a new homemade wreath to hang on our front door this year, I wondered how the lovely circular shape of paper rolls would translate into a wreath shape?!! I was pleasantly surprised with the result – a fabulous homemade paper roll wreath.

Homemade paper roll Christmas wreath

Homemade Paper Roll Wreath

You will need:

  • 30 toilet paper rolls (or similar)
  • Child friendly acrylic paint
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Ribbon

Instructions for making your paper roll wreath:

1. Our paper rolls were collected through the year from birthday wrapping paper but you could just as easily use those from food wrap, paper towel or toilet paper. I cut ours to be 5cm tall. We used 30 in total.

homemade decorations recycled Christmas wreath
2. Immy and I had fun painting the tubes inside and out. We mixed up a pinky-red, child friendly acrylic paint but I think these would also look fabulous painted with a metallic paint or (if involving older children) with a two tone effect – one colour for inside the tubes and one for outside.

paper roll Christmas wreath

3. Once the paint was dry, I stuck the rolls together using the hot glue gun and then added a silver ribbon for hanging.

Homemade Paper Roll Wreath That Kids Can Make

Simple, fun for the kids, and looks good on my front door – that is my idea of a great Christmas craft activity!

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  1. Margaret Elvis says:

    That is absolutely brilliant.

  2. This is fab. Have just stubbled upon your fb page, I love it. Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. What a fantastic idea! I think we need to invest in a hot glue gun..
    Each year we’ve made a present for the aunts uncles and grandparents. This year we’ve been making decorations by shaping pipe cleaners then threading pony beads on them. Simple, cute and great for hand eye coordination. The other advantage for my nearly four year old is that each decoration only takes about 10 minutes so if she’s having a low concentration day we just make one, but when she’s in the groove we make 5!

    1. Love your handmade gift idea, Kirsty, sounds perfect for involving a four year old 🙂 I LOVE our hot glue gun, it is just so quick and handy for so many projects!

  4. This is so clever and looks great.

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  6. A lovely idea! We went a step further and filled the tube holes with old ping pong balls that we had painted and covered in streaks of glitter glue. It looks like a wreath made of Christmas baubles!

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