We Play: Do You?

This week our play kitchen has been transformed into a cafe. Babycino anyone?
The kitchen buffet shelves are adorned with a variety of felt and wooden cakes, doughnuts, eclairs and biscuits (sorry, I should have taken a photo of it). Our play has introduced lots of new vocabulary (for example customer and waiter), is developing physical skills (balancing items on a tray, using tongs to serve ‘food’), reinforces appropriate social behaviour (choosing items to eat and drink, using manners) and is lots of FUN!

How did you go with last week’s comment challenge? I love looking at all of the links each week and always come away with a head full of inspiration. My favourites from last week are here and here – and both provide new twists on old favourites when it comes to play.

What have you been playing this week?

Please read this post if it is your first time playing 🙂 Please remember, We Play is a place to link up actual play experience ideas.


  1. How old is Immy now? She is so adorable with her little tea set. Yet the picture brings tears to me. I've been taking a bit of a trip down memory lane because of the Autism Shout Out that is on.

    When Heidi was 18 months old the maternal and child nurse tried to get her to copy pouring a cup of tea. Heidi just banged the teapot on various surfaces. Same at 2 years old and 2.5yo. Wasn't until she was around 3.5yo that we had success with Heidi doing tea party play (on her own that is and not organised by Annie).

    Makes me sad when I think how long it takes to get there. Yet we do get there in the end 🙂

  2. My son is enjoying tea parties too. Some frown on this but I think it's fantastic!

    Oh, and oh-so-yummy tea party Immy.

  3. Tea parties are so joyous! My 21 month old says 'pour, pour' as he 'pours' the tea which makes me giggle because my 4yo said exactly the same thing!

    Nice to see that Jemima makes an appearance again (we have the same dolly here!)

  4. my daughter loves tea parties, cafes and mud cakes, not necessarily in that order!

  5. Oh I love tea parties. My girls love haping a Cafe since Nanna bought them a cappucino machine, they're forever making me cups of tea, I love it!

  6. I think it is time to pull out the tea set again … it is always so much fun to have a tea party or play Cafe 🙂

  7. What a fun little tea party. I'm excited to check the links. I've found some of the best blogs through here.

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