Weaving Ideas for Kids: Yarn Weaving on a Cardboard Loom

Yarn weaving on a cardboard loom may just be the most classic weaving idea of all weaving ideas for kids! I remember trying it in school many, many(!) years ago. Using just a few simple materials, and the tutorial below, this is a great weaving project for tweens to try.

And, like our Craft Stick Lantern and Weaving on a Twig Frame, the finished result will look great displayed in your child’s bedroom or personal space.Weaving ideas for kids: Simple Yarn Weaving on a Cardboard Loom

Weaving Ideas for Kids: Yarn Weaving on a Cardboard Loom

You will need:

  • Thick, box cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Craft knife
  • A variety of yarn
  • Scissors
  • Dry twig
  • Craft stick

Weaving for kids supplies

How to Weave Instructions

1. Cut a 15cm/6inch square from the thick cardboard. Use the pencil and ruler to mark one centimetre/one third of an inch gaps on two opposite sides of the cardboard square.

Weaving ideas for kids: Cardboard Loom Tutorial

Use the craft knife to cut short slits on each of the marks.

2. Choose a yarn. Keeping 10cms/3in of yarn free on the open end, draw the strand of yarn through the first slit along the bottom.

Weaving projects for kids tutorial

Draw the yarn up towards the opposite slit along the top edge of the cardboard and pull it through that opening. Draw the yarn back down to the bottom, bringing it back to the front through the next slit along the bottom side. You are wrapping the yarn around the cardboard piece, guiding it through the slits to keep the yarn taut and even.

Weaving ideas for kids: Simple weaving on a cardboard loom

3. Continue to wrap the yarn around the loom until all of the slits are filled. Place two wide craft sticks between the yarn and the cardboard. Push one stick towards each of the closed ends.

Beginning weaving for kids tutorial

4. Wrap a small amount of a different coloured yarn around a small craft stick. The craft stick will act as a needle to weave the wrapped yarn through the loom.

Leaving 10cm/3in of yarn loose at the side, draw the craft stick over and under alternating strands of yarn secured in the loom to weave.

Kids weaving ideas tutorial

5. Then draw the craft stick back towards the beginning side, again weaving over and under the threads secured to the loom, being sure to go over the loom threads you previously went under, and under the loom threads you previously went over.

Kids weaving ideas

6. Continue in this way until you are ready to switch yarns.

Kids weaving project

Stopping at one side of the weaving, cut the yarn off from the craft stick – leaving a short tail. Thread the tail onto a yarn needle and draw it through the loops along the side to secure the tail, cutting off any excess length.

Kids weaving tutorial

7. Select a different yarn and start weaving as you did with the first yarn. You can change yarn in this way as many times as you wish. Each time, draw the open ends of the woven yarns through the side loops.

Beginning kids weaving tutorial

Alternative: For a quicker weaving result, weave with lengths of ribbon or strips of fabric.

8. Once you weaving is complete, turn the loom over. Use scissors to cut the loom yarns along the middle.

Beginning kids weaving project

9. Remove the cardboard loom.

Beginning kids weaving ideas

To secure the loose loom threads along the bottom of the weaving, tie knots in pairs of adjoining threads (see image below).

Simple kids weaving ideas

10. Take the twig and place it on the top, open end of the woven piece. Place adjoining strands of yarn over and under the twig.

Simple kids weaving idea

Tie a series of knots along the twig to hold the twig in place.

Simple kids weaving project

Add your choice of decorations to your weaving – tassels or pom poms are perfect! Tie a length of yarn or ribbon to each end of the twig and hang your hard work up for all to admire!

Simple weaving for kids

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