The Ultimate Library of Yoga for Kids Videos: Great for Home & School

Inside: A huge collection of yoga for kids videos suitable for preschool to teens, perfect for brain breaks – or anytime!

My youngest loves yoga. She just loves the challenge of contorting her body into the various poses,feeling strong and in control as she moves. I am a big believer in the benefits of yoga for children, not only for physical strength, flexibility and co-ordination but also as a tool for managing stress and anxiety. Followers of the Big Emotions series of post will be familiar with our printable Yoga for Kids posters, I have loved hearing from so many parents and teachers who use it with their kids in their homes and classrooms.
Yoga for Kids Brain Breaks

Yoga for Kids Videos

Another great source of yoga for children inspiration is Youtube. But there are so many videos on YT and not all of them are great! So I recently spent (way too) many hours trawling through 100s of kids yoga videos to compile a collection that I hope you will find really useful.

I was looking for;

  1. variety (of poses and presenters),
  2. interesting approaches (e.g. using song), and
  3. quality presentation (instruction, sound and images).

Then I divided the collection into two age groups – Younger Children (preschool through to fourth grade) and Older Kids (fifth grade through to teens). Each age group is then divided into quick bites – perfect brain breaks videos to use in the classroom – and longer sessions that are generally 12+ minutes in duration.

For younger kidsQuick Bites

A 4 minute Yoga for Kids routine from Fightmaster Yoga featuring many common poses used with children, nice speed and smooth flow.

Love this yoga version of The Wheels on the Bus for preschoolers. From Bendy Berry Kids Yoga (2 minutes).

I love the use of common songs in the Yo Re Mi series of videos. They are engaging and well produced, and each is under 5 minutes. You can see their complete series of Yoga for Children videos here.

This 5 minute sequence of animal poses is explained clearly and simply and the poses are well paced.

The OM Song for kids by Summer Long is just over a minute long and is a lovely way to work the wiggles out.

This 3 minute routine from Namaste Kids really gets them moving. It’s fun and engaging but could get loud! They have a small collection of alternative sequences and single pose videos here.

The 2 minute YogaDance Kids Warrior Dance is great for energising kids with positive affirmations.

In under 2 minutes Bari Koral leads children through a Yoga (sort of!) Alphabet.

I Am Yoga is a beautiful song version of Susan Verde’s I Am Yoga book by Emily Arrow (just under 3 minutes).

This 6 minute Yoga for Kids sequence from We Heart Yoga is one of my favourites. It flows quickly and includes a great variety of poses.

Based on the Kids Yoga Stories book, The Grateful Giraffe introduces children to the idea of expressing their feelings through yoga (3 minutes).

The book is available here: The Grateful Giraffe

Apple Tree is a gorgeous song about the lifecycle of a tree with accompanying yoga moves (3 minutes) by Bari Koral.

A fun (4 minute) singalong version of the Sun Salutation by the Bari Koral Family Rock Band.

Follow the sequence of poses from Mariam Gates’ Good Morning Yoga book (3 minutes).

The book is available here >> Good Morning Yoga

This video from Mariam Gates’ Goodnight Yoga book is read beautifully and so calming for kids. The sequence is just 3 1/2 minutes and great for other, calm down times of the day too.

The book is available here >> Good Night Yoga

This 4 minutes seated yoga sequence from Pilgrimage Yoga is calm and engaging.

The Jodi the Yogi Yoga videos are fun for younger children, using music, story and a series of funny characters for engagement. The complete series of videos ranges in length from 2 minutes to 10 minutes.

The ABCs of Yoga 5 minute routine (which runs for closer to 8 1/2 minutes of activity) uses images from the ABCs of Yoga Book.

Follow the links >> The ABCs of Yoga for Kids book and the ABCs of Yoga for Kids poster.

The Yoga Hokey Pokey puts the FUN into Hokey Pokey (2 minutes).

Three poses in three minutes, this one could get loud!

DSDC Wellness presents a series of four Yoga for Kids videos (each under 5 minutes) for use in the classroom, including sequences for sitting and standing.

The well known Cosmic Yoga Kids channel offers a huge collection of videos for parents and teachers to choose from, using music and animation to take children on exciting adventures as they move and stretch. Their shorter brain breaks series is great for use in the classroom.

This Knot Game by Global Family Yoga is great for stretching and problem solving.

This Ball Pass Yoga Game from Donna Freeman is lots of fun and gets kids working together in small groups. You’ll need lots of space and a ball for each group of children.

For younger children – Longer Sessions

Maduka Yoga’s Kids Yoga Class is 32 minutes long, suitable for 4-12 year olds. A really lovely routine.

Preschool Yoga from SportskoolPlus is a fun and fast moving, 16 minute routine.

A fun kids friendly sequence of  27 minutes with Sheila Palmquist.

A Cosmic Kids Yoga adventure is the ultimate yoga experience for kids – full of engaging music, stories and action. See a huge collection of their longer videos here.

For Grades 5 and up – Quick Bites

6 minutes, four fun poses. Sean Vigue has a super engaging presentation style, see more of his Yoga for Kids and Teens series here.

A 6 minute stress relief sequence from Yoga with Adriene.

Omtastic’s Panda Roll Challenge offers a quick movement challenge for middle schoolers.

The BumbleBee Kids Yoga video guides kids through a smooth sequence of increasingly challenging posts (3 1/2 minutes).

Mr Yoga Australia adds an Australian twist to familiar poses. His instructions are clear and calming. You can see the small collection of videos in this series here. Durations vary from 2 minutes to 10 minutes.

A story based yoga sequence – The Changing Star, is engaging and shares a series of positive “I Am” statements (11 minutes).

A lovely explanation of the Flying Dragons sequence by Audra Monk. This sequence provides a fabulous challenge for older children (7 minutes).

This 10 minute standing routine from Yoga with Adriene is great when you don’t have a lot of space.

This 6 minute Light Up Little Lights Kids Power Yoga sequence encourages children to feel brave and strong.

Creating Calm in the Classroom: Ready for the Test is a 10 minute sequence incorporating breathing, movement and visualisation to improve focus prior to an assessment.

For Grades 5 and up – Longer sessions

Kids Yoga + Harry Potter! That has to be a win. Check out Cosmic Kids Yoga’s playlist of videos for older children here (duration varies 5 minutes – 30 minutes).

Yoga for Elementary Kids runs for about 18 minutes. A calm, well paced routine.

Yoga for Kids by SportskoolPlus is a 27 minute routine

Maduka Yoga’s Teen Yoga Class is 36 minutes long, suitable for 13-18 year olds.Includes a nice partner work exercise too.

Sheila Palmquist relates yoga to stress in ways kids can understand in this 28 minutes Take 5 routine.

Check out Sean Vigue’s 5 day Yoga Challenge for Kids and Teens here.

Wow! That took a while! I am sure the list is not complete though. Which are your favourite Yoga for Kids YouTube hangouts?

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