Activities for Toddlers: Exploring Emotions

As toddlers both of my girls have LOVED playing with stickers. Toddlers are of course totally fascinated with the sticky factor but I love that stickers can make a great independent play activity OR a developmentally appropriate learning activity for toddlers – simply talking about what colours, shapes and/or pictures they can see extends the activity’s learning potential.

Activities for Toddlers - Emotions Stickers

On this occasion I took some sheets of regular coloured dot stickers and drew on facial features to represent four different emotions – happy, sad, angry and surprised.

Activities for Toddlers - Emotions Stickers

As she worked at sticking her stickers into her art book, AJ and I had a great time talking about the different emotions, making our own faces represent each, and even singing about them. As well as singing If You’re Happy (Sad/Angry/Surprised) and You Know It, we also sang one of our favourite Playschool songs, How Are You Feeling Today? (you can see a video of two Playschool presenters singing the song here).

Activities for Toddlers - Emotions Stickers

AJ had a great time making faces, sticking faces and singing  – a great introduction for toddler learning about emotions I think.

Do you have a toddler who loves to stick stickers?

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  1. I think all ages love stickers. I love em too 🙂

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