11 Geography Videos for Kids: Learn About Globes, Maps, Continents & More

Inside: 11 geography videos for kids available on Youtube – great for learning about globes, maps, continents and more.

Engage elementary age children with a range of geography topics with this handy collection of educational Youtube videos.

The first part of the collection includes videos about maps that explore what a map is, the purpose of maps, types of maps, map symbols and even instructions for making a map. The second section of videos introduce the seven continents and five oceans of the world.

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Geography Videos for Kids on Youtube

11 Geography Videos for Kids

Videos About Maps

1. How to Make a Map by Red Cat Reading
This video offers a clearly explained, comprehensive introduction to mapping, including introducing the purpose for maps, types of maps, definition of a map, parts of a map and map symbols, it also invites children to make a map of their own.

2. What is a Map? by Teaching Independent Learners
What is a Map? offers clear explanation of the differences between political and physical maps, with relevant examples.

3. All About Maps by Teaching Independent Learners
Helpful for early elementary grades, this video introduces maps and globes, with references to the names of the seven continents and definitions of countries, states and cities.

4. Maps: An Introduction by Larry Sanger
A comprehensive introduction to maps for students in later elementary/primary grades, with clear explanations of continents, countries, cities, bodies of water, borders and the purpose of a map key.

Videos About the 7 Continents & 5 Oceans

5. Continents and Oceans by ABC Mouse
An engaging introduction to the seven continents and five oceans, shared through music and song. Great for early elementary grades.

6. Continents of the World by Homeschool Pop
An introduction to each of the seven continents, referencing their position on the world map and including many interesting facts about each continent.

7. Seven Continents Song by Hopscotch
A fun song for remembering the names of the continents by order of size. Also includes fun facts about each continent.

8. Seven Continents of the World by Funtastic TV
A fun introduction to the seven continents with a catchy tune.

9. Seven Continents Song by Valery Designs
An easy song for remembering the names of the seven continents. This is the song that worked really well for teaching our eldest to name the seven continents.

10. How to Remember the Seven Continents by Mr DeMaio
A great video using a range of memory devices to help kids remember the names of the seven continents.

Learn more about the countries of the world with our big list of picture books, Around the World in 40 Books.

11. Five Oceans Song by Hopscotch
A fun song introducing the names, locations and features of each of the five oceans.

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