Heart Paper Lantern Craft

A sweet way to light up Valentine’s Day, this pretty Heart Paper Lantern Craft is great for school age kids.

Like our Craft Stick Lantern and Heart String Art Card, this project uses just a few, common craft materials and is a great idea for parents or teachers with children in the middle grades.

Heart lantern craft for elementary school

Heart Paper Lantern Craft Tutorial

You will need:

  • Card stock
  • Tissue paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Battery operated tealight candle

How to make your heart paper lantern:

1. Begin with a strip of red, black (or another dark colour) card stock cut from an A4 or Letter sized sheet. The strip should be 15cm/6in high. Make a 2cm/1in fold at one end and then fold the remaining length into equal thirds.

Heart paper lantern tutorial

2. Draw a nice, big heart shape on the one section of the folded cardstock.

3. Use scissors to carefully cut out the heart shape, creating a heart-shaped space in the lantern. Remember, the piece of the heart that you cut away will become a scrap so it won’t matter if it is damaged.

Valentine paper lantern tutorial

4. Take a piece of white tissue paper that is large enough to cover the heart-shaped space you’ve created. Cut out small pieces of colourful tissue paper in your choice of colours and glue these onto the piece of white tissue paper. Fill the entire piece of white tissue paper.

Heart paper lantern craft tutorial


5. Glue the white tissue paper piece onto the back of the heart-shaped gap so that it is completely covered.

Heart paper lantern: Crafts for school age kids

Heart paper lantern: Crafts for tweens

6. Apply glue to the flap created in step one. Secure the flap inside the lantern, forming it into a triangular tube. Once the glue is dry, your lantern is ready to light up.

Heart paper lantern: Mothers Day craft ideas

Heart paper lantern: Crafts for tweens


7. Add a battery operated tealight candle and dim the lights to see the full effect.

Valentine craft ideas: paper lantern

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