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Our Play Space: Creating a Magical Fairy & Gnome Play Garden

making a fairy garden

We have a magical Secret Garden in our backyard. My son and I put it together and are still adding to it. He has helped with planting plants and painting a fairy house, we have made a fairy beach, a gnomes house, a little swing and a ladder that goes to the gnomes lookout. It is full of … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Priscilla’s Vintage & Thrift Inspired Play Space

Play space bedroom ideas

Because we have a small home for a family of five, my kids have small play spaces in their bedrooms. I've had so much fun decorating Priscilla's room with fun and colorful vintage and thrift finds. Check out the details here. Thank you to Krissy of B-Inspired for sharing her daughter's … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Responding to Children’s Interests

chickens! 015

A peek inside a reader's play space... I operate a Family Day Care service from my home. My play space changes and evolves to suit the needs and interests of the children in my care. This play space (with stepping stones leading to our mini fairy garden) has seen much dramatic play taking … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Our Open Plan Play Space

play space 1

A peek inside a reader's play space... This is a new play space for our little boy (2.5 years old) and his baby sister as she grows up. I wanted to incorporate arts and crafts materials so Jake can decide what he wants to do, rather than me directing a specific activity. I also wanted a Jake-sized … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Montessori Inspired Play & Learning Space

montessori inspired play space

I became extremely interested in Montessori about a year ago. At the time and over the last year we spent a good amount of time applying a Montessori overlay to our home. We also spent a lot of educating ourselves on the philosophy with the hope of homeschooling our boys (3 years and 1 year … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Our Backyard Play Space

small outdoor play space

A peek inside a reader's play space... We're a family of four. As Early Childhood professionals, my husband and I are always working on some project for our girls. This spring, we transformed our outdoor play space to make it more child-friendly. One of the biggest challenges we faced as … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Outdoor Classroom


A peek inside a reader's play space... This space is an outdoor screened in porch that I turned into my very own outdoor classroom. Inside this wonderful room is a sand table, easel, window easel, water table, and small tables and chairs for other types of art and play. Because the outdoor … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: MudPie Station

setting up a mudpie kitchen play space

A peek inside a reader's play space... The children love being outside and free to make as much mess as they please. They mix, stir, bake, decorate and "eat" all their creations. They love that everything they need is available at all times and they don't need to ask or wait for … [Read more...]