Tell a Story Family Mealtime Conversation Starters

Tell a Story Conversation Starters/Storytelling Prompts for Families

It's been a crazy, busy day but now, with a hot meal on the table and the family gathered round, it is the perfect time to have enjoy a little silly fun together -  that will also build language skills! Today we are sharing seven storytelling prompts to use at the dinner table. Each of the … [Read more...]

Our Happy Family Project: #1 Traditions & Rituals

Our Happy Family Project: A Year of Happiness - Traditions & Rituals. With free Home Is People quote printable.

2015 threw a lot at us including financial stress, unemployment, health scares and ongoing sleep deprivation. And when I think back on last year I honestly feel kind of sad. Sad for far too many days of fatigue and stress. Sad for too many days of distracted and disconnected. Sad for days of lost … [Read more...]

Create a Family Bucket List ~ Printable

Create a 2016 Family Bucket List with the fun one word prompts on this handy printable

A new year has to mean a new family bucket list! And this year I've given our Family Bucket List printable a makeover, mixing up some of the one word prompts from last year whilst also leaving spaces for you to add items just right for your family. It's great as a guide for making plans for what … [Read more...]

9 New Years Eve Party Games for Families

9 New Years Eve Party Games for Families

How will you be celebrating this New Years? Due to the age of our girls ours will feature a 9pm 'midnight'...if they last that long! If you are spending the celebration with family and friends with children, why not check out these nine fun party game ideas that everyone can enjoy together - BIG … [Read more...]

25 Ideas for Rainy Day Family Fun

25 Things to Do With Kids on a Rainy Day

A week of rainy days at home with children can bring even the most patient parent to their knees...I know from experience! So next time the weather is miserable I'll be pulling out this list of 25 family fun ideas to remind me of the opportunity for some awesome family time despite the falling … [Read more...]

Family Game Night: Jenga with a Twist!

Family Game Night Ideas: Transform your Jenga game with a fun active twist

At seven years of age Immy is all of a sudden all about board games and card games and family game time! So we recently introduced her to the game Jenga but not before I hacked it for a bit of extra family fun and a whole lot of laughs! So how did I hack our tumbling tower? I painted the side … [Read more...]

How to Organise, Back Up & Bring Your Digital Family Photos to Life

How to Organise, Back Up and Bring Your Family Photos to Life

This post is part of Microsoft’s #WorkWonders program. I am embarrassed to admit that I have photos stored digitally in literally dozens of different places - on my phone (plus the ones still on my old phone), on my tablet, on SD cards (I don’t like to delete my photos, just in case, so I just buy … [Read more...]

Create a Family Bucket List ~ Printable

Create a Family Bucket List with the fun prompts on this handy printable

I love it when I see seasonal or holiday bucket lists floating around Pinterest and the interwebs and I often think, "I should print a copy of that for us," but then I notice that there are items on the list that just don't apply to our family or where we live so then I think I should make one that … [Read more...]