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Connecting with Kids: Crafting Together, Inspired By Books

Connecting with Kids: Crafting Together, Inspired By Books

I walked into the playroom, and instead of my usual welcome, my twins objected, “Mommy, you’re messing up our game!” Apparently, they had a whole world set up in there, and I wasn’t meant to be a part of it. I’m usually happy when they’re entertaining themselves. Yet, sometimes, just … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Connecting With Kids Through Art…Without the Overwhelm

5 Tips for Connecting with Kids Through Art..Without the Overwhelm

Raising creative children can seem like one more box to check off on the list of parenting to-dos. It's tucked somewhere in between making sure they have decent table manners and know the answer to math questions such as 8+5? As a parent, I know it can feel overwhelming to add one more item to that … [Read more...]

Printable Christmas Door Hanger

Printable Christmas Door Hanger, Coloring Page. Fun for Christmas Eve!

This Christmas door hanger makes a perfect addition to your Christmas Eve activity box - keeping the kids occupied while you make dinner or get those last minute Christmas jobs done. Simply print your copy via the link below, add felt tipped markers or colouring pencils and off they go. Cut … [Read more...]

Printable Art Frame Gift Tags

Printable Art Frame Gift Tags for Kids to Decorate

If you are looking for a fun activity to keep the kids happily occupied (and creating) during the pre-Christmas week, then this post is just for you. Print a few sheets of these art frame gift tags and set the kids the task of decorating your gift tags this year! Family and friends will love the … [Read more...]

DIY Mini Christmas Card Journals

DIY Mini Notebooks from Christmas Cards

My girls are obsessed with writing and drawing in cute notebooks and journals and these mini journals made from Christmas cards certainly fit the bill. Which got me thinking - why give just a Christmas card when you can gift a Christmas Card Journal?!! :) These would certainly make a lovely gift for … [Read more...]

Creating Transient Art With Young Children

Tips for creating transient art with children

You may have heard the term transient art in relation to activities for kids. Transient art is non-permanent, constantly evolving and process orientated creativity in action. When children work on transient art projects they manipulate, explore and experiment as they work individually or … [Read more...]

12 Fun Picture Books About Colour

12 Fab Picture Books About Colour (and Color!)

Learning to identify colours is a classic milestone of early childhood, and parents and teachers will often use picture books to help young children learn to distinguish between and name colours. In my opinion, the best children’s books to teach colours combine a great story and captivating, … [Read more...]

My Story Silhouette Art & Writing Project

My Story: Getting to Know You Silhouette Art and Writing Project

When I saw this year's Children's Book Week theme of Australia! Story Country it got me thinking about the importance of each child's individual story and how much their own story influences their life and learning. One activity that was very popular with my students when I was teaching, was … [Read more...]