3 Yummy Homemade Meals for Your Baby


This post is by guest contributor Arlee Greenwood of Small Potatoes. "We do children an enormous disservice when we assume they cannot appreciate anything beyond drive through fare and nutritionally marginal kid-targeted convenience foods. Our children are capable of consuming something that grew … [Read more...]

The ‘It’s Totally Not Chocolate Mousse’ Mousse Recipe

Vegan, Cane Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse recipe

I have a bit of a sweet tooth and my indulgence of choice is anything chocolate! Needless to say, it has been a long fourteen months since I was taken off dairy as one strategy to manage AJ's allergies/intolerances. I cannot for the life of me remember where I discovered that it was totally possible … [Read more...]

Lunch Box Snacks: Fructose Free Chocolate Muesli Bars

Fructose free chocolate muesli bar recipe

This post is by Taryn Rucci of This is Taryn. After I quit sugar, I set about also eliminating sugar from my children's diet. We started very slowly, which I think is the best approach. I was careful not to get the children off-side because I knew they could retaliate, making the process much … [Read more...]

Simple Family Dinners: Chicken Burrito Recipe


This recipe is a hit in our family for many reasons... It's yummy. It's so quick to make. It's easy to make ahead and reheat following after school dance class (or whatever other activity your children are involved in). My daughter is involved in putting her own dish together at the … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Crustless Mini Quiche

gluten free crustless quiche

We had a mini gluten free guest at Immy's recent mermaid party (more on that soon I promise) and I wanted to be sure that there was a selection of party food that she could enjoy when it came time to eat. These crustless mini quiches were quick and easy to whip up and could be easily adapted to … [Read more...]

What Makes for a Dinner Winner at Your Place?

Family Food recipe ideas

This post is presented in partnership with KitchenAid. When my four year old comes into the kitchen asking what smells so good, I know I have a dinner winner! Making short work of dinnertime recently at Chateau 101 has been the wonderful KitchenAid Artisan Food Processor loaned to me by … [Read more...]

Popular Posts 2012: Family Friendly Food

best of childhood 101 2012 recipes for families

Looking for mealtime inspiration for your family? This year's most popular posts includes ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Lunch Box Ideas for Kids Who Don't Like Sandwiches 10 Easy & Healthy Alternatives to Packaged Breakfast Cereal for Kids 20 Lunch Box Snack Ideas (including a handy … [Read more...]

Family Friendly Food: Slow Cooker Chicken Curry

slow cooker chicken curry recipe @Childhood101

The slow cooker has been my best friend since AJ joined our family. I love being able to prepare dinner before the 5pm witching hour hits. I love being able to stick everything into the pot, switching it on and forgetting about it. I love the feeling of organisation that comes from having … [Read more...]